Quote of the day–Alan Gottlieb

The city is earning the nickname ‘Killadelphia’ not because of state preemption but because the mayor and city council think punishing law-abiding gun owners will somehow cause criminals to stop killing one another. Does he seriously think limiting legal handgun sales to one a month will prevent drive-by shootings by recidivist gang bangers? Can he honestly believe that penalizing someone for not immediately reporting a stolen firearm will prevent the thief from selling that gun to someone else who uses it in a crime? Where does he get the notion that restricting the rights of honest citizens is going to fix the broken court system that repeatedly returns these thugs to the streets?

None of these measures has worked anywhere else they’ve been tried. So what makes Nutter think he can perform a miracle now, especially in defiance of state law? Nutter is nuts, and so are the council members who copied these ideas out of the extremist gun control playbook for his rubber stamp signature.

Alan Gottlieb
Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.
April 11, 2008
[IMHO this should be immediately settled in the court system. Federal Prosecutors should have the mayor and all the city council members who voted for this arrested and charged with violation of 18 USC 242.–Joe]