Another example of futility of the TSA

The TSA should just give it up and let congress spend that money on something that would do some good.

Also note that in this video the morons interviewed think that somehow outlawing the “glass knuckles” will make society safer. Do they think banning sharp sticks will make society safer? These things are so easy to make anyone with a room temperature I.Q. could be taught how to make them. But then maybe the media morons and the people they interviewed should be given a pass because they don’t have a room temperature I.Q.


2 thoughts on “Another example of futility of the TSA

  1. Nice reaction from the Cuyahoga sheriff — “These have to be outlawed”. Does he have the same reaction to a meat cleaver? How about a 9 iron? Hey, what about a clothes iron? I wonder if the school has a geology class. Are they allowed to have actual rocks? I’m sure a rock hammer would be right out. Maybe they use nerf rocks now.

    No doubt my Cold Steel Nightshade karambit would cause these people to lose bowel control.

  2. Once they finally outlaw everything that could concievably be used as a weapon will they then force everyone to have padding permenantly attached to their hands, feet, foreheads? Everyones teeth will need to be blunted? You are right, Joe, mental problems.

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