Tom Mangan in the news again

H/T to Uncle.

Mangan is reading the Brady script to CNN this time (previous posts about Mangan):

ATF special agent Tom Mangan says the .50-caliber rifle has become one of the “guns of choice” for the drug cartels. The weapon fires palm-sized .50-caliber rounds that can cut through just about anything.

Mangan showed CNN the power of the rifle on a gun range near Phoenix, Arizona. The weapon, a Barrett, was seized in an ATF raid. A round fired from 100 yards away tore through a car door and both sides of a bulletproof vest like those used by Mexican police.

“There’s nothing that’s going to stop this round,” Mangan says.

The rifle was intercepted as it was being smuggled into Mexico. Mangan says investigators believe four others already had passed through the border.

Watch the video to see and hear the emotional appeal these bigots invoke. What they don’t seem to realize is all this is caused by the banning of recreational drugs. In other words, governments cause crime.


6 thoughts on “Tom Mangan in the news again

  1. “..both sides of a bulletproof vest like those used by Mexican police.”

    So what?!? “Bullet Proof Vests” aren’t – in many cases. They won’t stop any high velocity rifle bullet, not just .50 cal.

    Typical slanted garbage… no surprise…..

  2. All measurements are relative. There are definitely rounds out there that pack more power that the big .50, and many that are close. To shoot through a paper-thin, annealed steel door is not a major accomplishment — neither is the distance noteworthy.

    I’ve personally witnessed (from behind the trigger) a plain old foster-type 12 gauge shotgun slug go through a truck door, a refrigerator door and both sides of a refrigerator from 50 feet. Then separately through quarter-inch cast iron like it was made of cheese. All from a $200 shotgun sold at K-Mart that hundreds of deer hunters use in my state every year.

    Only the highest level body armor would protect against a slug, and if you read the manufacturer’s specifications, there are many limitations on those claims. The article does not mention what type of body armor, and also conspicuously avoids the topic of the actual gun used by the Mexican outlaws. Normally the object would be cast as the perpetrator. I wasn’t aware that Barrett sold a belt-fed bolt or belt-fed self-loading rifle.

  3. And another thing.. Why is he citing MEXICAN police vests?

    How about using an ATF vest.

    No offence meant to officers south of the border, but why does an ATF agent care about them?

  4. “…why does an ATF agent care about them?”

    He must be trying to scare the Mexicans– get international support for more infringements.

  5. It’s not really about Mexico, it’s about guilting Americans into passing more gun control laws. Suddenly gun control becomes an act of charity, rather than restricting people’s freedom. It’s actually a pretty smart tactic. Never let it be said our opponents are stupid. They play the media game very very well.

  6. I’ve done tests with a 30.06 and was able to shoot completely through an engine block. It would easly do the car door and vest trick. Probably triple that even.

    It’s just one caliber at a time, some guns are too small and cheap, others are too big, others are black and look scary. It’s Goldilocks Gun Control.

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