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  2. Holy Crap. Evidently, Mr. Cope doesn’t know how to cope with real life, so instead he lives in a cave of fantasy.

  3. Like Michael Savage says: “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. I live in northern Nevada. Anti-gun bigots are few and far between in northern Nevada. I also own a house in Salmon, Idaho where my gun friendly wife and I plan to retire to soon.

    This Cope dude is part of the “enemy within”.

  4. Public Disclaimer:

    Bill Cope is no relation of the Copes’ from Juliaetta Idaho, and in no way does this dumbass represent any of our views. I think he must of swam up from the shallow end of the gene pool, or perhaps a Cope by marriage only.

    Kevin Cope

  5. I am thoroughly disgusted with Bill Cope’s editorial. It is so riddled with ignorance that it pains me to the point of nausea as I attempt to read it. He makes it abundantly clear in the little that I have been able to read in between dry heaves that he supports the historically disproved opinion that Concealed Carry leads to endless “wild-west shootouts” in the streets which will become rivers of blood. One must question his mental competency when he refers to law-abiding gun owners as “nuts” and means it literally as insane.

    I must further question *his* sanity as I try see how the amount of deaths attributed to firearms has any legitimate bearing in the anti-gun argument. Those numbers are always skewed by anti-gun bigots to include instances where the shooting was more than justified. Furthermore the crime statistics show that RTC, has reduced firearms crime. Every felon will tell you that he loves “gun-control”. It assures the criminal the best odds that his law-abiding victim will be defenseless.

    Bill is proud to cite 12,000 deaths attributed to firearms a valid reason to ban them. Why does he not call first for the ban of the automobile, which was involved in 43,443 fatalities in 2005 according to the NHTSA?

    His use of the phrase “NRA’s blood-soaked hand” speaks volumes about his bigotry. I have to conclude that Mr. Cope has limited firearms experience, as he seems to feel that a loaded firearm secured in a camp trailer is somehow more more dangerous than a camp axe resting by the woodpile. Both are inert until a person decides to utilize them. If Bill feels that he is not competent to safely wield a firearm, perhaps he should emigrate to the UK. I hear they have had no firearms deaths ever since they passed a total ban on civilian firearms ownership. (What do you mean violent crime rates continue to rise in the UK after they banned firearms; that’s impossible!)

    I finally managed to gag my way through his exercise in ignorance. My only solace is that his editorial is so inflammatory and illogical that anyone with the remotest semblance of intelligence will pick it apart for the ignorant bigotry that it is.

    As a sane person, I divorce myself from inclusion in Bill Cope’s use of “we”.

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