Quote of the day–Xenia Huffman-Scott

I am not amused.

Xenia Huffman-Scott
March 27, 2008
Not amused
[Check out the picture she posted. There are two inches of new snow in Moscow, Idaho this morning. The Boomershoot site, already deeper in snow than I care for this close to the event, is at a higher altitude and probably got even more snow. This could be the year where Boomershooters get to practice long range shooting in “real world conditions” of mud and/or snow. For years Ry has been urging me to make the event more challenging by making people shoot prone from a mud pit mixed with ice and gravel while we hose them down with water. This year might be Ry’s fantasy, without the gravel, come true with the help of Mother Nature. I’ll bring Ry gravel for his shooting position.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Xenia Huffman-Scott

  1. Yeah, we’re getting snow here in Portland Oregon this morning…

    We’re 173 feet above sea level according to the Portland Visitors Info website.

  2. Optimism is a lost quality!

    2 weeks! Some sun, some rain, some wind, (all common in western Idaho for those of you not from around there!) and that mess can be all cleaned up in 2 weeks!

    Optimism, Optimism, I say!!


  3. Bill, It’s possible. Maybe even likely. But it’s also quite possible for there to be snow on the ground at the end of April.

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