We know this guy

As you should already know:

The ATF Special Agent doing the talking in this video about Cavalry Arms is no stranger:

I’ve blogged about him before.

His cell phone number and email, as of last month, are 602-859-6317 and Thomas.mangan@atf.gov.

Here are some other times he has appeared in the news and what he said:

”These are, quite frankly, weapons of war,” ATF special agent Tom Mangan said as he picked up an assault rifle and examined it. “These are military-type weapons. This is firepower you would expect to see on the battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Agents said Thursday they found the 42 weapons in a storage locker about 10 days ago. The guns were worth $250,000 in all: Belgian-made ”FN” handguns, semiautomatic AK-47 rifles and other pistols. They also found four olive boxes loaded with .50-caliber bullets – ammunition that’s big enough to take out an airplane.

”The type of firepower you’re seeing here is on the increase,” he said. ”You’re seeing sophisticated weapons, military weapons, assault-type weapons, assault pistols, very expensive pistols. This level of fire power gives criminals options they haven’t had before.”

Put him on your list of people to be charged with violation of 18 USC 242.


2 thoughts on “We know this guy

  1. Yep, a self-styled savior and protector of the people. Why, if it weren’t for men like him, civilization would crumble overnight. It’s a wonder he doesn’t wear a big red ‘S’ on his chest.

  2. Yup! We should only be using water pistols and rubber bands. No wait, somebody could slip and fall in a water puddle and you can put out your eye with those dangerous rubber bands!

    Gimme a break!!

    Have we got any reports of people shooting down planes with a 50 cal here in the good ol’ US of A?

    Putting his inflammatory and theatrical speech aside, I don’t think any of those items are illegal for a private citizen to own. The AWB has shuffled off the mortal coil (‘cept here in the PRK) and I didn’t hear anything about exploding ammo or fully auto weapons.

    The family just watched Leap of Faith. Seems to me that this fella should go into that business and leave law in the hands of honest folks.

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