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If we could reverse history and engage the gun lobby back when they started their cynical campaign to convince Americans they have a “right to own guns” then our politics would certainly be in a different place. But it’s too late now and the gun lobby’s well-armed genie is out of the bottle.

Mike of Gun Guys
February 29, 2008
In-Depth Commentary: Candidates Quiet On Gun Issues
[Never mind that he is wrong about individuals having the right to keep and bear arms. What is more important is that he (and gun grabbers in general) are giving up on this battle and focusing their attention on “reasonable restrictions” on that right. We need to finish off the individual rights campaign (Heller) and then engage and destroy them on the “reasonable restriction” front.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Gun Guys

  1. My take is that the anti’s are now running pretty scared with the Heller decision coming up. Expect to see a blizzard of bogus legislation on microstamping, various bans, restrictions and qualifications in the coming months and years that will pretty well tye us up in knots. We’re already seeing all kinds of stuff being put through legislatures in the usual places (Ca., Ma., Il., NY, etc.) and some not so usual places (Vt., Az.). The thing is, it doesn’t cost them much to get the MSM and their syncophants in the legislatures to get us running around crazy to fight off their advances. It’s a little like the fact that all Al Queda has to do is generate some suspicious (threatening and plausible)communications traffic to get us to spend millions of dollars and countless man-hours in chasing it down. What does a few well thought out and executed phone calls and emails cost them? Just about nothing. The anti’s are playing the game of asymetrical warfare. They’re outnumbered, out gunned and under resourced but they are, and will continue, to inflict heavy casualties. The only way we’ll get anywhere is through the courts and the only way we’ll do that is through a coordinated, aggressive and well financed strategic campagne (which is what the NRA should have been doing all of these years since the NFA and Miller). All of the respondent amici in Heller (except, maybe, AHSA) need to put their heads and resources together to devise and launch a sequence of key strategic cases (just like Gura, Levy and Neily brilliantly did). What’s next after Heller? Who’s going draft the strategy, pick the right battles and lead the charges? Who’s going to help pick up the tab? Are our kids going to still be fighting this when they grow up? This should have been settled a long time ago and I don’t want to see our kids dying the death of a thousand cuts that we’ve experienced all these many years when they come of age. There’s no doubt that they’ll have plenty of other tough fights to deal with then. We owe it to them to, at long last, put this matter to rest.

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