What media bias?

ATF Seizes Weapons At Gun Warehouse and the talking head says:

It’s still not clear if the nature of the investigation is as serious as the evidence implies.

Except the only evidence is that the licensed gun dealer, Cavalry Arms Corporation, had guns in a warehouse which the ATF put out on tables to show the media.

The serious part of the evidence is the ATF and the media cooperated to demonize gun possession.


7 thoughts on “What media bias?

  1. So, as far as we know no charges have been filed. No arrests have been made. But they can swoop down on a legitimate business and spread their legal inventory out on the tables as if they were a bunch of Columbian drug smugglers?

    I think we need a new saying. What’s latin for ‘It is almost time’?

  2. and this is the ATF of the supposedly gun rights friendly George W. Bush administration.

    What do we have to look forward to in a Obama or even a McCain administration?

    What good is the Supreme Court declaring that we have an individual right to bear arms, if all of the places that sell them have been hounded out of business?

    Dark times ahead

  3. When they go fishing like that they should carry their rods and reels and pull a bass-boat.
    I have difficulty characterizing this as the BATF of the current administration any more than the State Department or FBI is that of the administration – there are Agencies in DC who have developed their own character and independence from the Executive branch.

  4. Oh no! Not “shoulder-fired” rifles!!!

    And, those must have been “assault scopes”. Why else would they have seized them?

    Note also, they were all “high-powered” firearms. As opposed to…??? As defined by…????

  5. I try to understand people on our side and have trouble. Heller vs DC will be an interesting decision when it gets passed down. Then you see this stuff happen and you see some of the people on our side throw them to the wolves because they don’t agree how Russell responded on some forum. Sorry, this is a loss for us and the media is a willing accomplice to our path down the dark side.

    (Somewhat related to a comment above.)

    I wonder when the line in the sand will be crossed with guns as the issue. You have a well-known blogger say that we should hold our nose and vote for McCain so we have a chance to fix what is wrong. What makes him think that it the solution? McCain won’t be a great friend of the gun owner, let alone a friend of the conservatives out there. Man, we are truly screwed…

    Anybody want to show me a better path to enlightenment?

    Joe R.

  6. LibertyNews said…
    “…they can swoop down on a legitimate business and spread their legal inventory out on the tables as if they were a bunch of Columbian drug smugglers?”

    Glad your brought that up. Whenever it’s based on objects seized (unless it’s stolen property recovered), get ready, because the b.s. dumpster’s comin’ and it’s got a special load for the American public. Likewise if an “authorized journalist” throws in comments that mention “getting guns off our streets”. How many firearms confiscated; how much ammo found; how many kilos of pot seized. It’s a false metric, it’s not directly related to criminal activity. Drug abuse is as high as ever, and if it weren’t for the fact that tens of thousands of violent criminals were murdering each other at record rates through the early 90s, we probably wouldn’t have seen a drop in violent crime.

  7. I sent an email to Sen. McCain, threatening to turn in a blank ballot in November instead of gritting my teeth and voting “for” him, unless he has his people investigate this.

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