Living in a fantasy world

With so much real world data available you would think they wouldn’t even try to get away with publishing something like this. But these people have mental problems so I guess it’s not too surprising, just frustrating. This nut case is classified under projection:

Concealed carry safety is a fantasy

Some people say we need to let college students have the right to carry concealed weapons so that they can protect themselves and others. Here’s a possible scenario:

Dear Diary:

Well, here I am in my Physics 202 class at NTU, ready for another boring lecture by the professor’s assistant. I feel really good today, ’cause I’ve got my new Ruger 7-shot automatic in my backpack and a box of extra ammo too.

Makes the backpack a little bit heavy, so I think I’ll toss out a couple of boring textbooks when I get back to the dorm. I sure hope some intruder will burst into the lecture hall one of these days so that I can shoot him!

Meanwhile, several friends and I are thinking about taking our automatics to the game against State U tomorrow night. We’re only a half game behind in the standings and if any of those State guys start smarting off to our coach or players, we’ll know how to handle them at half time!

It’s so great now that even 18-year olds can pack heat. Is this a great country, or what! Well, diary, I’d better sign off now, ’cause that lecturer is writing some sort of formula on the board and I guess I’d better start paying attention.

Whoa! One of the kids on the other side of the room just stood up and has started shooting people! The teaching assistant just went down, and he’s bleeding!

I’ll just get my gun out of my backpack and get it loaded in a second and I’ll fix him! Oh no! He’s pointing that gun at me now! Oh…..

Kurt Thoss


3 thoughts on “Living in a fantasy world

  1. A couple of spare mags make a lot more sense than a box of ammo.

    Carry the weapon in a zippered pocket on the outside of the backpack – if you are too stupid, lazy, incapable of carrying it ON you.

    If your gun is not pointed at the shooter, round in the chamber, safety off, you should be out of sight.

    Shame on you for not practicing for quick response.

    Shame on you for not thinking of this on your own.

    Shame on you for being a GFW.

  2. Yeah, and 18 year olds are being handed concealed carry permits like candy at a parade, and everyone knows that the first thing you do while under a direct, life-threatening attack is to start writing it down in your diary in real time. Yeah, that’s possible scenario.

    But wait– it’s perfectly consistent when you realize that the Left speaks in opposites: “I respect your opinion…” is a good example, so why would “Here’s a possible scenario” be any different? Translated from Left-Speak to English, it means, “Here’s an impossible scenario.”

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