Airsoft guns and knives are next

glimpse into the future:

Berlin – The German parliament approved tighter gun-control laws on Friday in a move designed to stop the spread of violent crime. The new legislation bans the carrying of replica firearms and so-called airsoft guns as well as certain types of knives.


2 thoughts on “Airsoft guns and knives are next

  1. And no doubt the violent criminals will politely obey these new restriction, especially when their would-be victims are completely disarmed.

    I recall something similar to this happening before in Germany, some time ago. I think it was in the 1930s, but I could be entirely mistaken. Surely if it did happen there must have been peace, safety and bliss afterwards.

  2. I don’t understand.

    Germany is having financial trouble absorbing the former East Germans into their pension system, yet the government can find time and money to criminalize toys?

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