Wooo hooo!!

This restriction has directly impacted me for years. Barb and I love visiting National Parks. If we get this through then our visits will be far less stressful:

Bush Administration to Propose New Rule Regarding Right-to-Carry in National Parks

Reading the fine print what this really means is that a major offensive has been opened in our battle against the anti-gun bigots on one front. We probably will win but we still have work to do. This is just a commitment to go through the process, including public input, to change the policy. Barb and I have a rule regarding good news. We’ll believe it when “the check clears the bank”.

Thanks go to former Idaho governor Dirk Kempthorne (currently Secretary of Interior), Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID), and NRA-ILA.


2 thoughts on “Wooo hooo!!

  1. Yeahbut… I live in the PRK of Kaleeforneeah… (permit? what’s a permit?)

    This appears to mean that if you are permitted for concealed in a state you can carry in a national park located in that state.

    Heh.. I wonder what this means to folks who are visiting national parks which cross state boundries.. Are they going to provide lockboxes at the border.

    Better half a loaf than none, but still half a loaf.

    What about federal pre-emption? sigh..

  2. “What about federal pre-emption?”

    It’s there. I heard about it once. As I recall it’s known as the “Second Amendment” but that’s only a rumor.

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