Quote of the day–Coalition to Stop Gun Violence & the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence

An individual would need intimate knowledge of firearms and microstamping, plus the appropriate tools, in order to render the technology ineffective. These tools are certainly not “household items,” nor would the common street criminal be expected to have the knowledge necessary to defeat the technology.


One can also imagine the scene at a shooting range as criminals or gang members wander around and gather spent cartridge cases in bags. Conspicuous? One would certainly think so, and Americans should expect the owners of such ranges to engage in more responsible business practices.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence & the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
Microstamping Technology: Precise and Proven
[Another example of the anti-gun bigots being clueless about the real world. Apparently they haven’t heard of a Dremel tool or picking up your brass for reloading.–Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Coalition to Stop Gun Violence & the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence

  1. Bwahahahaha. As a 10mm shooter, I can only reload (or else I’d be too broke to shoot!). I scuffle through piles of brass to find my cases since to me, they’re worth gold.

    However, I find the “pick up handfuls of cases at the range and scatter at the crime” thing too forward thinking for criminals. No, they’ll just go get those hard to find files at Home Depot and using a superior intellect, rub it against the firing pin. One swipe would be enough to mar it beyond recognition.

    This, is of course, assuming criminals will actually go purchase new firearms. There’s 270,000,000 of them already out there and not one has a microstamp already.

    Lastly, I will steadfastly refuse to purchase any firearms from any company who goes along with this travesty. If Glock or Kimber were to say yes, I’d never purchase anything again. We need more STIs and Barrets out there and us gunnies need to rally behind those companies that take a stand for our freedoms.

  2. From the crap via the link:

    …results indicated that marked firing pins continue to leave clear impressions on cartridges even after hundreds of rounds,…

    Well, there you have it! These amazing little technological marvels will last through an ENTIRE RANGE SESSION!

  3. tkdkery,

    Yeah, I know. At some point in their report propaganda piece they use the number 2500 rounds as if it were some extraordinary large number. I’ve taken weekend classes that required 2000 rounds.

    Like I said, they are clueless about the real world.

  4. And I suppose they’ll have to outlaw revolvers and brass catchers.

    Right next to the “Gun Free Zone” sign, I can now picture a sign that requires any murderers to leave their spent cases behind at the crime scene, something like;

    “Attention Murderers: Murderers using firearms MUST use approved micro-stamping firearms, AND must leave spend cases behind– it’s the law! Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice killing.”

    Yeah, that would do the trick– no doubt. Crime problem solved with the sweep of a legislator’s pen. But wait; whouldn’t it make more sense to require that all criminals leave an approved calling card at the scene? That would cover all forms of crime, rather than just shootings. Someone should propose that to the Democrats, and to McCain. I’m sure they’d take it seriously.

  5. Oops: If it’s a gun-free zone, the presence of guns is a physical impossibility. Hence, no need for micro-stamping. My bad. Maybe they’ll (that’s “they” the morons will) have to change “Gun Free Zone” to “Self-Defense Free Zone”. Then it could all work as I stated in the above comment.

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