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Before gun control, about 800 Canadians were killed annually by firearms. After gun control, about 800 are killed annually by firearms. Simply put, gun control does not save lives. At the same time, about 2,500 die annually due to falls. Yes, the simple ladder kills more Canadians than firearms, but you don’t see politicians clamouring to register ladders.

This information was obtained from the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Ironically, this office in Ottawa is across the hall from the gun control bureau. If Ottawa’s actions were based on a sincere desire to save human life, then the $2 billion could have been better spent on safety training and health care — but unfortunately safety training and health care isn’t as glamorous as gun control.

Based on this, I must therefore conclude that politicians’ support for gun control is not based on a desire to save human life, but instead a cynical platform to obtain votes to stay in office.

Jay Dumas
Prince George
Thursday, 15 November 2007, 01:00 PST
Gun control shot down
[Another person answers Just One Question and comes up with the expected answer.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Jay Dumas

  1. Conceptually, his statement is dead-on, except for the last clause of the last sentence. It’s not about votes. The Democrat Party in this country has admitted they’ve lost elections because of their anti-gun stance, yet they remain rabidly anti-gun and anti-self defense.

    I guess their way of looking at it would be that they’ve lost elections due to the inordinate power and influence of the Big Gun Lobby, coupled with the gullibility of us hicks, heyseeds, yahoos, and rednecks. Their arrogance and contempt for Mankind trumps their desire for votes, I suppose.

  2. Keep in mind that he may have referring exclusively to Candian politicians.

    In regards to American politicians you are correct. It is more than about votes. They have some deep loathing of a part of our culture (or even what me might consider a charactistic of our species) that they want to eliminate or suppress.

    Since 50.0001% of the vote is as good for a win as 60% of the vote they can tweak the gun control platform to optimize for the maximum progress on their agenda and still maintain 100% of the power.

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