Monopoly of force

Kevin points us at a slide-show on the “wisdom” of government having a monopoly of force. It’s good. Very good.

I’m not sure it will have the impact on “the other side” that we would want it to. They will just say, “We just need to have good people in government.” But I think it is useful for us to have a comeback to when someone says something like, “The government must have a monopoly on force”. You can’t just let that stand. I’m sure that to many people once stated it’s “a no brainer” at first glance. “Of course they should. It just makes sense!” You need to be able to shove something in their face:

From of a poster I purchased from JPFO.

Then you say, “NO! This is the reason why governments should never have a monopoly on force.” It’s easy to come up with a body count of 60 million people in the last century that were killed by they own government. And this is the reason our government was not given a monopoly on force in the constitution.

They may not buy your argument but at least they won’t be able to accuse you of, “loving guns more than life”, or some such stupid thing.