The test was too hard

If some terrorist gets a bomb through security TSA (A Security Theater) is apparently going to tell them try again because they missed it the first time or three. But since it’s coming from that liberal haven (read “logic impaired”) of San Francisco it all sort of makes sense:

USA Today revealed that a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) report found screeners at SFO failed to find small bomb parts 20 percent of the time during a recent 12-month test.

SFO spokesperson, Mike McCarron, said the failure rate is unacceptable.

But McCarron said the TSA may have simply made the test too hard.

See also these news items on airport security:

This last item is of particular interest because the TSA is telling everyone, “Hide your stuff here, we won’t look there.”

I’ve been harping on this for a long time and I don’t see any evidence to invalidate my conclusions. It’s time to consider alternatives to TSA because what we have now is just Security Theater.


5 thoughts on “The test was too hard

  1. The report I heard on the radio was that SFO was the best of the airports tested! They pointed out that LAX and some others had rates like 75-80% missed.

    The other point they made was that SFO screening is done by a private company and the ones with the really really high failure rates are run by the government.

    I haven’t checked it out myself, but that’s what the report said.

  2. Also I believe that they did 145 trys at the SF airport and 75 at the LA and Chicago airports.

  3. TSA stands for Thousands Standing Around

    Their biggest joke is SSSS, or “you’ve been selected for special screening.” Supposedly this is targeted at last minute buyers of one-way tickets. More likely most “selectees” are bumpees who get rebooked on other airlines so the ticket for that particular portion of their journey appears as a one-way.

    My wife & I most recently went through this last Monday in Salt Lake after we were bumped from a Delta flight the evening before and asked to be rebooked on NW so my wife could return in time for work. We both have Platinum (top tier) status with NW and and are well-known business-wise to both NW & DL. We actively seek bumps — they finance a large part of our travels. The SSSS treatment & Thousands Standing Around are just part of our entertainment.

    Your tax dollars at work. 🙂

  4. My favorite airport screening experience happened within a few weeks of 9/11/01. I was preparing for my imminent move from CA to SC by bringing a couple of guns with me each time I flew, since movers won’t/don’t transport firearms.

    On one of these trips, the ticket counter drone said “We are conducting random screenings of checked luggage. Since you are checking guns in your luggage, that automatically makes you random. We’ll have someone get your bags and go with you over to the screening area.”

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