Honoring Our Troops

Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, among others, is telling us that we might “honor” our troops.  This “honor” is not to come in the form of allowing them to win, and not through convincing the enemy that they will be utterly defeated no matter what it takes, but by bringing our troops home.

Lets apply that same logic to our firemen:  Lets “honor” our firemen by keeping them out of fire trucks and away from fires.  While we’re at it, we can “honor” our public school teachers in similar fashion, by sending them home, sparing them the difficult and often unpleasant task of dealing with the ins and outs of teaching kids: Planning course syllabi, meeting on-going certification requirements, writing and grading assignments, dealing with administration and parents, etc..  We can further “honor” our poor, suffering teachers by accusing them of torturing kids.  We can then “honor” them by launching false prosecutions and endless investigations against them.

As long as we’re “honoring” whole cross sections of society, we might consider “honoring” our senators by reducing legislative sessions (and adjusting pay, of course) to one day per year.  Would could at least “honor” Hillary by “redeploying” her out of Washington, possibly to the Philippines, where she could be called in on two or three-days’ notice in the event we desperately need her inside an hour.

As is typical with other words misused by leftists, it seems the words “honor” and “support” have taken on new and diametrically opposite meanings.

I would therefore like to; “Honor Hillary.  Send her home!”  She can’t win anyway.  Her war against America is a lost cause, based on a lie.


One thought on “Honoring Our Troops

  1. OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR! I spent some time in the P.I. as a young Marine some 20 years ago. The long suffering residents of the R.P. don’t need Hillary. They have enough problems.

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