May we live long and die out

If you have sometimes suspected that the ecofascists hate humans then you may be pleased to see the evidence to support that hypothesis–The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement:

Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.

“Crowded conditions” are either voluntary or imposed by government action. They are not an inevitable result of our present population.

“Resource shortages” would get worse if there were far fewer people on the planet. This point might not be obvious so I will explain. Imagine you and a few hundred others are marooned on a large isolated island that in addition to the sand, has tillable soil, fresh water, metal ores and, deep underground, oil. How long before you will have tractors and cultivators such that you can raise a surplus of food? How long before you will have electrical power, air conditioning, computers, and cell phones? There are a great many things that are only possible because there is a large enough market to justify the initial investment.

VHEMT apparently lives in a fantasy world.

Update: VHEMT responded on their Yahoo email group confirming my suspicions:

I think this is one of the funniest views of VHEMT I’ve seen so far:

[…snip of my post above…]

I don’t know what “Crap for brains” refers to at the end. It was
placed to the right like a signature.


Apparently he was unable to determine that “Crap for brains” was a topic tag.

Obviously Joe Huffman has never lived off the grid without A/C,
refrigeration or phone service.  I have, and must confess I prefer life
without all the amenities.


Camille (and Bob) have a Yahoo profile. Occupation: Eco-Smugs.

Does anyone else find it ironic their favorite quote is “The need to be right is the sign of a vulgar mind. Albert Camus”?

When growing up on the farm there were several years we did not have a phone or A/C. However, we did always have refrigeration. I’ve been camping and backpacking many times without any of the amenities. It’s enjoyable for a few days but I wouldn’t want to live my entire life like that. I find it ironic that Camille is posting on the Internet about her preference for living without “all the amenities”.

Well, his blog is subtitled, “Ramblings of a red-necked,
knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal” so I do think “crap for brains” is a


Another person in the group that couldn’t figure out the topic tag “Crap for brains”–confirming the correctness of my categorization.


5 thoughts on “May we live long and die out

  1. This makes me want to have a kid.

    If you don’t want kids, don’t have kids. But don’t NOT have kids just because some asshole tells you not to in the name of conservation.

    God, people are stupid.

    Frankly, anyone who believes that not having a kid is a conscientious conservation move that will save the world probably shouldn’t breed, anyway. So carry on, VHEMT. 😛

  2. I’ve been thinking of doing an essay on socialist bumper stickers. Here’s one we find on old cars near the local “natural” food co-op:

    “Thank You For Not Breeding”

    The more people, the more creativity and productivity potential. Hence the more resources that can exist (oh, do I have to explain to anyone that useful resources are the product of human creativity and only the product of human creativity? Oil, for example, doesn’t spill out of the ground on its own, jumping into naturally occuring refineries, turning itself into gasoline and distributing itself into cars that fall from the trees and drive themselves into our garages). Only creative and productive people can make those things happen, and only criminals and governments can stop them.

  3. EcoFascists? Where does the fascism lie exactly?


    I decided not to have children. On my own. Before I ever heard of VHEMT…


    Seems to me a very noble decision, and the only moral choice, as by having children one will increase the likelihood of a human caused natural disaster, and by not having children you are reducing the numbers who will be wiped out since we cannot stop our current eco-disasterous economy.


    You point out that we can’t return to a hunting and gathering lifestyle. We need tractors and technology to have our current and future way of life. What you don’t see is that our current track is disasterous.

    Follow the money. It’s in keeping the status quo, oil-cars-suburban transportation, energy supplied centrally…that is who is shaping your opinion!

    If we continue down this path, and you seem to feel there is no need to quit now, humanity will cause it’s own extinction.

    Don’t believe it? Fine. Your perfect right. But to claim there is some weird conspiracy of ecofascists??? Seems a bit over the top (still don’t know what an “ecofascist” is…)


    We thank you for the publicity, I think those reading your blog would greatly benefit from knowing of VHEMT.

  4. VHEMT is on the right track. Really. They just need to take the next logical step and kill themselves. Problem solved!

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