One thought on “Give them back

  1. There’s a whole lot to say about this. I have a name for a personality type that longs for chaos. I believe they think that once the fabric of society breaks down to a certain level, they can finally “be somebody” or finally play out some fantasy they hold deep inside. I call them “post-apocalypse fantasizers” The New Orleans government seems to have a bunch of them, and we see now what it was they fantasized about doing all along because they went ahead and did it.

    Further, we can conclude that there are many, many others cops, mayors, etc. in America who would jump at the chance to do the same. That’s why these NOLA perpetrators should be arrested, tried, and severely punished. The cops who participated in this crime should be forced to buy new guns to replace any that they’ve “misplaced”, return them to the people who had them confiscated, and apologize in person, as part of their sentance, before going to jail.

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