Quote of the day–Wayne LaPierre

New Orleans was the first place in American history to disarm peaceable citizens, house-by-house, at gunpoint. And I promise you this standing here today: We at the NRA are going to make sure it’s the last place it ever happens.

Never again can Michael Bloomberg or Rebecca Peters or Mike Wallace, or the United Nations, or the Brady Center, or anywhere else say that honest citizens don’t need firearms because what happened in New Orleans proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what we’ve said all along.

The next time some arrogant politician looks at you and says, ‘Why does anyone need to own a gun?’ I want you to look them straight in the face and say this: ‘Remember New Orleans!'”

‘Why do you need to own a gun?’ Remember New Orleans!

‘Aren’t you just being kind of paranoid?’ Remember New Orleans!

‘Why does anyone need right to carry?’ Remember New Orleans!

‘What makes you think our government would ever try to confiscate your guns?’ Remember New Orleans!

‘Is the Second Amendment really relevant in the 21st Century?’ Remember New Orleans!

Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association
From speeches given: