One thought on “Quote of the day–Albert Einstein

  1. Welp…gonna head out to the range tomarrow. I have gotten my hands on some BC software that I can use out on the range and I am gonna try to nail down the limits of this gun. And myself. I am sure I am more limited than the gun. The way I have it figured with my powder load and bullet size I am to expext 31 inches of drop at 500yds. I am going to mix some fairly large boomers. Larger than I normaly make. I remember what you said about haveing some guys connect at 550 yds. with a 22-250. That set the bar. I have my eyes set on a nice .308 down at my local friendly gun dealer. Maybe by mid-summer I will have broken down enough to buy it. I am bad about not wanting to spend money. I have to talk myself into it. I also want to research the gun alittle before I buy. The nice thing about the 22-250 is I can shoot it all day long and I am no worse for wear. It is a sweet gun to shoot. I am not so sure about the .308 but from what I have read about the round, it sounds like what I want. Long range but not going to give you a rotator-cuff surgery in 5 years.

    Are you a Darwin Award fan? Even if you are not, you need to check out the latest nominee…I got quite a laugh. Have a good weekend.

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