Katy called me asking how to make a pyrotechnic device

Katy once got upset hearing, from the other room, the sounds of a dynamite shoot video.  So when I got this call from her the other day asking how to make a particular type of pyrotechnic device I was just a little bit surprised.  I always figured she just tolerated me because I was married to her husband’s sister.  I keep the guns and explosives away from her and try not to bring the topics up in her presence.  But she called me Tuesday and asked, “How can I make pink smoke?”  Not exactly in my domain of expertise but not all that far out either.  I told her I would research it for her and that I was pretty sure I could help her.  But what did she want it for?  How much smoke did she need?  How soon did she need it, etc.?  She has to have it by Monday because the local television crews were going to be there to film it.  Huh?  She explained–she and others think the Pope should allow women to be priests.  The conclave (did I get that right?) will release smoke to announce a new Pope has been selected.  Katy and friends want to release pink smoke as a form of protest.  Okay, that’s a reasonable enough request.  It’s probably not illegal even inside the city limits of Chicago.  And certainly, if done halfway right, no one will get hurt which is far more important to me that not offending the sensibilities of the city of Chicago.

I did the research and found a safe way for them even with their short time frame–but it will be violet instead of pink.  Pink is doable but they didn’t have the time and expertise to pull it off.  Katy thanked me then sent an update this morning:


Just had to tell you the latest before I run off to work!
I said “local”
Well….now it is national, CNN is coming! They want to see pink smoke!
Maybe international-maybe the boys in the Vatican in Rome will see us in Chicago.

WOC national contacted Skylighter and that is what we will use.
It won’t be pink but violet and violet is the color of stoles we wear! 

Thanks for your contact

Let us hope it is bright and shining on Monday.


So if CNN shows violet smoke on Monday you can thank, or curse, me for enabling them.


3 thoughts on “Katy called me asking how to make a pyrotechnic device

  1. hi! i’m a friend of katy’s. the pink smoke was awesome!!! thanks for your help!


  2. Joe,

    A truly remarkable event.

    We are all “high” from the pink smoke your website advised store provided!

    Now we have to better ourselves because the Bishops (all of the Americans) will be in Chicago in June. Any ideas on how to impress and win them over to ordaining women?

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