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Let’s inhibit criminal behavior a little bit by assigning the code to gun and ammunition stores so that when someone has bad intent when buying a weapon, there’s an alert in place that stops that from happening,

Hudson Munoz
Executive director of Guns Down America
February 10, 2024
Proposed bill would establish a new code to categorize firearm sales

This is the ravings of a lunatic. I cannot even imagine a delusion in which this sentence is internally consistent.

Yet, these people are winning legislative battles. What does that tell you about the politicians who pass the laws like what this lunatic is praising? It tells us they are evil and people like Munoz are their useful idiots.

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7 thoughts on “Anti-gun Gibberish

  1. How’s that again? Some system (AI? Democrats?) is going to somehow divine if a person has bad intent, and flag their credit card?

    Probably much easier to just calibrate voting registers to credit cards, and if you’re not a Democrat, no guns or ammo for you.

  2. “Supporters claim this would help banks and credit cards recognize dangerous firearm purchasing patterns to alert law enforcement while those in opposition are calling it a backdoor form of registration.”
    And what makes anyone think law enforcement is going to do with all the info?
    Like the meme of everyone looking at the FBI guy, and saying; Say the line? Then FBI guy says, “OK, they were on our radar.”
    Then everybody breaks into cheers.
    Mr. Munoz seems to have forgotten with whom he’s dealing. Team SLAS. (Slow, Lazy, And Stupid.) All this information is going to get passed around like grandma’s fruitcake at Christmas.
    And end up needing more background checks the FBI ain’t/can’t do now. And the ATF is going to treat like an NFA form 4 request? See you in a year, maybe.

    “Really what it is, is just a four-digit code that bolts onto an existing system that banks and credit card companies use to protect themselves from illicit activity and when it comes to gun crime, that has the benefit of keeping us safe,” Hudson Munoz said.
    And doesn’t tell anyone exactly what you purchased? To say nothing of the fact that most criminals deal in cash when buying ammo?
    Genius here would only be tracking honest people that use cards. Brilliant.
    And will work at keeping us safe as well as the ATF & FBI are keeping us today. (And you can throw in HMS and border patrol with them for affect.)
    Now I’m pissed, cause all my life I bring up a something even remotely close to this stupid. And I get a six-vector ass kicking.
    This guy is probably getting a grant from Bloomberg.

  3. Of course it’s not as simple as he says…
    I accept cards at my business; I’m classed as “Sporting Goods”. Right now when I run a card – I don’t enter data on what is purchased. 80% of my sales are cash already; this would just drive it higher.
    Are they going to require me to get a separate card system just for gun purchases?
    No thank you, I’ll go to cash or zelle only first.
    And of course there is significant pushback from even the card companies against a dedicated firearm MCC code – they want to stay out of politics and they also know it will costs them business.
    Yet more blather from useful idiots attempting to restrict legal rights. I’m not particularly worried about him – I’m more worried about the behind the scenes stuff that makes doing business harder.
    For example, the Consumer Product Safety Commission ranks firearms in the category of ‘inherently dangerous’ with fireworks, explosives, industrial chemicals, etc. This makes it VERY hard for firearm businesses to get insurance coverage – and most jurisdictions require insurance coverage for a commercial storefront.
    Another example: Part of the price increase of ammo recently comes from increased regs on shipping and handling it, combined with aggressive enforcement of those rules by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and other federal agencies.
    I’m sure you know that training is required to properly package and ship ammo and hazardous materials – they PHMSA recently started enforcing a new rule requiring a separate set of training for loose pack ammo, and fined ammo suppliers who didn’t have it.

  4. Where I work (a hardware store that also sells sporting goods and guns), every time this is floated, not only do gun sales spike, a higher percentage are done in cash.

  5. Easy solution. At checkout, have grocery stores use the 4-digit ammunition code for frozen foods, the 4-digit firearms code for produce, and chicken becomes suppressors (no idea what to code beef, pork, and canned goods, but I’m open to ideas).

    Overwhelm the system with false positives. We should be able to get BATFE and FBI to raid Kroger, Trader Joe’s and H-E-B within the first month. And the myriad options within pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS boggles the mind – consider the PR benefits of kicking down grandma’s door and shooting the cat because she bought aspirin and vitamin C).

    How could this be accomplished? Hackers.

    • To funny, Francisco!
      You and people like you are why clownworld is doomed. And it never stood a chance.
      Imagine Bill Gate And Klaus Schwab getting their brains uploaded into the meta-verse. Only to find themselves as whores in a slum-land digital brothel.
      The possibilities are endless. And unintended consequences seem to be also.
      To funny. Keep up the good work.

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