We Would Be Unstoppable

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According to Ballotpedia data from last year, of the 31 states that allow voters to publicly indicate their political party affiliation, roughly 48 million were Democrats and 36 million were Republicans. The rest were independents, unaffiliated or members of another political party. By comparison, there are an estimated 133 million gun owners in the country, or roughly 40% of the population – a massive number that dwarfs all party affiliations combined – according to the Pew Research Center.

If gun owners ever voted as one homogeneous bloc, we would be unstoppable. Unfortunately, we all know there are gun owners and then there are folks who own a gun. It’s like the difference between someone with an old Fender in their closet and Angus Young.

Lee Williams
How Will You Support The Second Amendment Today? Tomorrow? (jpfo.org)
May 23, 2023
I have nothing to add.

5 thoughts on “We Would Be Unstoppable

  1. And keep in mind that among those “folks who own a gun” are people like Nancy Pelosi who are fine with elites like her owning a gun but strive mightily to prevent we little people from being afforded the same rights and privileges.

    • True, but even if gun owners voted 80% (106 million or so) as a homogeneous bloc, we’d be unstoppable.

      The problem is turnout — how many gun owners (NOT “people who own a gun”) don’t vote at all. Estimates vary, but it’s a big number, big enough that gun owners are seen as no more than “NRA’s 5 million members” (which it’s not anymore, closer to 3.5 million now); a marginal voting presence at best, and not the unstoppable force we could (and arguably should) be.

      So the question is, how do we get gun owners to turn out and vote? (Not “people who own a gun”; they seem to have no trouble turning out en masse and voting against their own rights.)

      • But that assumes that 80% of the gun owners in the US are politically aligned in a homogenous bloc.

        I’m guessing that among those gun owners are not only the ones who own guns themselves but would prefer others not be allowed to, there are also a good number who support gun rights, but that’s not their primary political issue and are more aligned on other issues with the left…I know several people like that.

        Then you’ve got the “fudds” who love their Remington 700 and their 870 Wingmaster but just don’t grok why someone would want one of those high capacity black murder machines or a gun you can stick in your pocket. You think deer wear bullet proof vests, or you’re gonna sneak up on a duck and pop him with your .380 while he’s not looking? Whaddaya need one of those for?

        Add to that the “gun owners” who inherited a gun, or bought one once because they “wanted to be able to protect themselves” and it sits in a closet or cabinet and they rarely even think about it and you don’t have a very homogenous bloc at all.

        It’s a nice fantasy to think everyone who owns a gun thinks and should vote just like me, but reality is a little more messy than that.

  2. Yes, we seem like an overwhelming block when looked at in pure numbers. And we are.
    But the politics of communism is what we’re playing under. Where what rules are violent minorities. They play the democracy game so much as it suits them. And keeps us appeased. But they would fry the world with nukes, and rule over the ashes, rather than let you read Epstein’s client list.
    Voting is nice, and it’s a good way to help govern society. But, they already bought, bribed, or blackmailed both side on offer.
    This is a world of violent tribes now. Split roughly down some racial lines for us lower caste. And by financial line in the macro. You either have it, or you will never get it.
    The only real voting is under rule 308, section 5.56.
    You do have plenty of both don’t you? Cause it looks to be an election cycle from hell this time around.

  3. IN THE PAST if gun owners had ever voted en block they would have decided things. Now with mail in voting, ballot harvesting and Dominion Voting Systems who votes for whom is irrelevant. The left took Stalin’s admonition to heart.
    THEY count the votes.

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