AR-15s are Weapons of Mass Destruction

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WMDs including AR15 do not belong in civilian hands. There has been enough people slaughtered. Gun reform will pass. The future will hopefully be bright and not with blood.

Chihuahua Files @nursebetty88
Tweeted on May 1, 2023

I love In Chains @InChainsInJail response:

Imagine being so stupid as to think AR-15s are WMDs.

Also, no, honey, violently violating peaceful people’s human rights – like you want to do – always ends in blood.

It is difficult to imagine. I would have never imagined it but there it is in real life. As many others have said, genius has limits but stupidity is not thus handicapped.


6 thoughts on “AR-15s are Weapons of Mass Destruction

  1. My AR-15 is arguably less destructive than that cretin’s Twitter account.*

    And yet, nobody is credibly arguing against First Amendment protection of her right to post inane, stupid nonsense on the Internet.

    * – That is to say, it was, until it was lost in that tragic canoeing accident.

  2. That stupidity has no service ceiling is one thing I learned early on in the Air Force. Also as if often pointed out. The left can never explain how an AR can be at the same time a weapon of mass destruction while simultaneously being an ineffective weapon against government forces.

  3. We have encountered, many times, children in adult bodies who continue to act like children.

    Among the many childlike behaviors we see is a tendency to outrageous exaggeration for dramatic effect. “If I don’t have a cookie RIGHT NOW, I will DIE!!!”

    Calling an AR-15 a Weapon of Mass Destruction is an exaggeration so ridiculous, it forces an assumption of blinding ignorance both in the audience and in the speaker. This is not merely your child wearing a red towel and claiming to be Superman; this is that child grimly donning the towel and proclaiming: “The International Space Station is in trouble. I’m off to help”, as he stands in a windowframe.

    Calling an AR-15 a WMD is the act of someone who truly doesn’t know one firearm from another… and doesn’t think you do, either.

    It is high time to call out these childlike adults. If you want to discuss policy, learn about it first… or leave the grownups’ table.

  4. And when one follows the thread into “more replies”, it all becomes clear.
    When she shows a meme of an older woman in her car which states; “Church is over, time to go be a cunt”.
    Sorry Betty, we got enough cunts trying to tell us what to do. (It’s why our forefathers gave black men the vote before they would your type.)
    The shit-filter is full.
    Stack-up, or shut-up bitches.

  5. If AR-15s are weapons of mass destruction, then why do all assault weapons bans reserve their use for police? Does your local PD have nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons? Are they equipped for saturation bombing?

    The other day Inslee was saying that ARs are only for mass murder. The same questions apply: why was he signing legislation that gave police weapons for mass murder? Are there specific people he wants them to kill, or is it a “just in case” thing?

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