Seattle is Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better

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We are walking down a very well taken path. And this board will be the ones leading us.

Tammy Morales
April 28, 2023

Watch through the end

To be fair, there are others on the board as well. See this announcement for more information. There is damning material it is as well. I especially “like” the part about “social housing” where the rental price is according to what people can afford to pay. This slogan echoes from 150 years ago:

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

This is indeed a well taken path.


7 thoughts on “Seattle is Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better

  1. I prefer the Harry Harrison version, attributed if I recall correctly to Mark Fourer:

    To each according to his ability, from each according to his needs.

    (And wow, Marx, assume the proletariat’s gender much? Bigot.)

    • That was from the time when,as Winston S. Churchill once said, “The masculine embraces the feminine, which is as it should be.”
      Considering now that behavioral differences among the genders (all 57+31 ofthem are considered mere social constructs, and maniacal surgeons are eager to turn people deemed men at birth into women and vice versa, why should writers be concerned that they say, “Men or Women”, or “He or She”, anymore? Why not an all-encompassing “He/Him/His” or “She/Her/Hers”?

  2. As much as you’all pay for communism there. You would think they would already have several downtown high rises set up for them?
    Complete with vending machine fentanyl hype kits, crack pipe dispensers, and Narcan emergency kits everywhere. EMT stationed near by.
    I think someone at the top is skimming. I mean the only reason for any of them to be on the street at this point is to rob a liquor store or mug somebody for the fun of it.
    Your obviously not getting all you pay for.

    • You THINK someone is skimming. Seems like a certainty to me.

      • Ya, Thinking never was my strong suit. Thanks for fixing it for me!

  3. I hope it (Seattle/San Fran/Portland) continue to decline. It should hurt to be stupid. Actions have consequences.

    • Los Angeles,too, although I live a bit close to the place to not think of fixing the situation it in terms of Kirk Douglas in Saturn 3.

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