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And a dozen years after McDonald v. Chicago, the Second Amendment still doesn’t really exist in the 2nd, 4th, 9th circuits etc. I am all about fighting in the courts, but that’s hardly sufficient to secure liberty. You need to fight in the political arena.

April 24, 2022
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It’s not just the political arena, which is absolutely critical in some jurisdictions for court appointments, it’s the culture of the population. Gun owners need to “come out of the closet”, take non-shooters to the range, show them gun owners are safe, friendly, and good neighbors and friends.

Today is the long range event of Boomershoot. It features hundreds of highly reactive targets, a massive opening fireball that draws cheers and applause, and spectators from nearly 300 (and occasionally over 1000) miles away. Boomershoot is an mind blowing awakening for people who only know of guns through the lens of legacy media. Attend, share your Boomershoot stories with friends, neighbors, and family to help change the cultural view of gun ownership.—Joe]


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  1. The SCOTUS has “original jurisdiction”. It can hold the lower courts as persona non gratia if it so choses. But it won’t.
    It’s politics. Something the court was supposed to hold itself above as much as possible. But once again we see the plain and provable language of the constitution being scuttled in favor of communist cult practices.
    The only cure for this sort of rot is freedom. When the people of the country feel and act as independent. The government automatically understands it’s limitations.
    How many times had we heard the communists admit, The people aren’t ready for that? (When speaking of something we would hold culturally egregious.)
    That should be the constant state of government. If we try something like that, they will tar and feather us!
    That’s how our forefathers dealt with it. By being a furiously free people. Grounded in their rights as human beings. Unafraid of right and wrong.
    We need to be that people again.

  2. It is indeed all about the culture. That starts in the home, and neighborhoods, and then involves the schools, and the media.

  3. Refer back to the “four boxes”. The jury box, the ballot box, the soap box and the cartridge box. The first three boxes no longer exist. They have been subverted, suborned, corrupted and invalidated. The ONLY box ‘we the people’ have left that has any chance whatsoever to remedy the tyranny being imposed on us is the fourth box….and the criminals in power are working feverishly to take that one away from us.

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