9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Magus Melanie @MagusMelanie

  1. It’s becoming easier to understand why, once the communists take over. The first people shot are the useful idiots.
    She shouldn’t be worried about my little dick and AR-15. She should be worried about Obama’s!

    • I’ve just had a premonition of a new children’s book: The Usefullest Idiot

      If I can find a illustrator that isn’t a prog, I may just tell the tale of Karyn (with a -y), her successes and victims, and her eventual disposal in a ditch at the hands of her own side.

      • Go talk to Vox Day. He might help. Will your make your Karyn look like Sandy Cortez? That might be a nice touch.

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  3. I’ve seen a picture of the tweeter. She would need a HUGE dick to get past her fat rolls. Also, the man involved would probably insist on a few extra feet of length, as well as some isopropyl alcohol, since I am sure her vagina smells rotten.

    • I’m not sure “Women buy guns because of the tightness of their ladyparts” would be a good rejoinder, but it would be congruent.

      Or possibly: “How would you know? Safe sex with you requires spelunking gear.”

      None of that makes any kind of rational sense, but once your imagining of my junk come into the conversation, we might as well bring your junk into it and just not change the topic. “Since you’ve conceded the policy argument regarding firearms by changing the subject, I’d like to discuss that fishy odor. No, no, we’ve moved on, what on earth is going on in that busted ravioli of yours?”

    • She is a transsexual and started her hormone replacement therapy in May of this year. She is probably on a emotional rollercoaster like a girl entering puberty. Rational thought is almost certainly a challenge for her now.

      There is also a very good chance she hasn’t gone through sex reassignment surgery yet.

  4. I suppose it makes a kind of sense as the tweeter seems to be a Tranny and thus hates his own beanie weenie.

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