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The Left fights for abortion because abortion is the easiest and lowest hanging fruit of Leftists desire for mass extermination to achieve utopia.

September 8, 2021
Why the Left goes all in on Abortion
[This is an interesting hypothesis. I might even be willing to bet that a measurable fraction of leftists falling into this category. But I find it grating to state this in all inclusive terms with such certainty.

I don’t believe J. KB is capable of mind reading or has the raw data to back up this claim. Until data is in and analyzed I will think of it as a hypothesis worthy of testing.—Joe]


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  1. One interesting angle to go with this hypothesis is the fact that abortion is a major Democratic party goal, and abortion is particularly prevalent among black people.

  2. Having read J.Kb. for many years now I took it differently. The context is of the left killing their way to Utopia. Abortion is just another way of killing the unwanted.

    Leftist ideas, so good you need to kill anybody that disagrees.

    • The Left has always killed their way to utopia. The streets in Paris ran with blood under the terror of the directorate. The ovens in the death camps burned constantly. We don’t know how the dead worked to death in the Gulags handled their dead, we never took the territory to find out.
      In ancient times, when the Roman Republic fought the Phoenicians, the mothers in Carthage and other Phoenician cities across the Mediterranean gave their first born babies to Moloch to ensure a plentiful harvest and continuing prosperity and more babies to replace the one she “passed through the fire”, to use the phrase from the Bible.
      Is this not the same situation today? Mothers go to the clinics to remove an inconvenient group of cells to ensure that later prosperity will enable them to raise another replacement child for whom nothing will be denied.
      This has been a long battle, human nature versus responsibility and duty.

  3. We fight not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities of darkness.

    The real truth is that the sacrifice of hundreds of babies a day is what fuels the evil that desires to rule us. That is why those in its thrall howl so loudly when that supply of blood and death is cut off. They don’t even know why — they just know that this power pours its rage and hatred into them.

    It’s a hard pill to swallow, but if you pray about it, the Holy Ghost will show you that it’s true.

  4. You will know them by their fruit. We don’t need to know why psychopaths are murderers. Only that they are.
    Anyone with a pulse knows that hypocrisy will not create useable function. So why would we except it in leadership?
    Abortion isn’t mentioned in the constitution, But it’s a right? Guns are protected by the constitution. But that right is ignored by the government?
    And if you can’t understand that a child in the womb is a human being. Your far to ignorant to be writing and enforcing law about the subject.
    To speak nothing of it’s racist and genocidal underpinnings of abortion.
    Or even to discuss that a woman has a right NOT to get pregnant. I mean how many types of birth control is available in this day and age?
    There’s no need to discuss genocide with chairman Mao. If he understands his acts as such or not. Does not change the act or penalty for committing it.
    Such is abortion. And the communism being erected in the world today.
    Their fruit is poison. That’s all we need to know.

    • Put another way. If they will do genocide to the most innocent among us.
      Why should we trust them with the power to do the same to us?
      The “Why” of it doesn’t matter.

  5. On the subject, can we please stop referring to them as pro-choice? They certainly weren’t in favor of choice for Sarah Palin. They called for her to be raped and murdered for not aborting her “retard” baby (their own words). They tried to bribe Bristol Palin to get an abortion, and then when she didn’t they had her beaten.

    It’s time for street justice for these devils.

  6. Democrats, Leftists as a whole, no longer deserve any benefit of doubt. They have proven themselves, repeatedly, to be willfully and wholly evil. The politicians, the money people, the trend (I dare not say “thought”) leaders, the propagandists, and the masses who applaud and support them.

    They are the enemy of civilization.

    Exhibit 1: Biden the Usurper just declared medical war on the Southern States.

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