Quote of the day—Baron Bodissey

Initially, dictatorship is imposed via the abuse and manipulation of language, its function being to peddle falsehoods. Censorship comes next, and then the denigration and erasure of memories of the past. This process has an established pattern. First, the past is ridiculed. Second, it is demonised and, finally, criminalised.

It is when the first stage is segueing into the second that an open battle of wills begins to emerge between those demanding the reinstatement of their traditional culture, customs, and freedoms and the totalitarian few, gathered together with their imported alien foot soldiers, who are attempting to destroy everything that was and is.

At that point it soon becomes evident that the only viable end game is that one side must completely eliminate the other in order to survive. There is no longer any room, nor necessity, for the so often fatal trap of compromise.

Have no doubts about it: If the situation becomes kinetic, and history suggests this has a probability higher than 0.5, then only the brave, the most determined and ruthless will prevail.

Baron Bodissey
September 5, 2021
Crossing the Rubicon
[Interesting take on the current situation in Britain. I’m not sure Bodissey knows that much more on the topic than anyone else and I wonder how well it applies to the U.S.. But I can see some strong correlations to our situation.—Joe]


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  1. Nations don’t commit suicide. There murdered. Generally by bored little thieves. Who’s egos can’t handle the fact that their life is meaningless. Ending as it began. And that time will think of them as much as one would the pork you ate for dinner two months ago.
    Their Vox Day’s gamma arch-type. All the opportunity to do good in the world. And won’t.
    Nero considered himself an artist…..
    And the god’s of the copy book headings will ask yet again; Will you fight and sacrifice for good?

  2. “….the only viable end game is that one side must completely eliminate the other in order to survive…”

    One of the commenters at neo’s place made this point over the weekend and was chastised for it by another commenter. I don’t think very many people realize, first, just how serious this “preservation of freedom, culture, society and civilization” thing is, and the single minded ruthlessness necessary to accomplish it.

    It would be nice if there was a less distasteful way of achieving restoration but human history on this planet indicates that none of them are, or can be, successful. There’s no way to predict if the UK or the US will go down that path but if they or we do it must be with the complete and full understanding that once begun the task can be neither performed partially nor with compassion; it will be brutal, violent and vicious beyond imagining, unpleasant in the extreme.

    Which only seems appropriate, the other side is hell bent on destroying us and will not stop until they do (that they will ultimately wind up also destroying themselves is irrelevant, for none of us, nor our children, will be present to witness it; the Soviet Union took 75 years to achieve a hard fail, and they’re not completely done with that yet). As the first Americans learned and proved 250 years ago, “no pain, no gain.”

  3. To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8:20

    And so, while it is quite predictable that there will be violence, it is also predictable that bravery, determination and ruthlessness would prevail (not necessarily true, but predictable). Therefore one brave, determined and ruthless system often replaces a former one, and so on it goes.

    If you think it possible for mankind to kill evil however, then you’ve got a serious problem. It’s just like the communists saying they can eliminate want and greed by taking everything. Hmm?

    Only divine intervention can stop it. Oh, and speaking of eliminating history, that’s been remarkably successful already. No one knows or understands the history of the Protestant Reformation anymore, and yet that particular history is paramount in its relevancy to the present and the future. To put it another way, understanding history in light of the great controversy of this world, is paramount.

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