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The Biden administration’s new push to regulate highly popular AR-style pistols could net Uncle Sam billions in new tax revenue and rub out a small industry involved in the production of the firearms.

In a newly proposed regulation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, most owners will have to pay a $200 tax per weapon or radically change it or turn the gun in to be destroyed.

And because ATF said it doesn’t expect anyone to give up their guns, the money would roll in if the rule is adopted.

Paul Bedard
June 9, 2021
New taxes under Biden gun registration push will reach billions
[At first reading I laughed at the ignorance. Apparently this knucklehead had not thought of the option which will be taken by 90% or more—non-compliance.

But it’s possible he and others have thought of that and are telling the lie to try and sell the idea. You can imagine fellow Democrats saying, “Tax the knuckle-dragging gun nuts and use the money for funding abortions or health care for illegal immigrants just for the giggles.”

And a still darker option that is just as likely is the observation made by Ayn Rand:

The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.  One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

And there darker options still. But many of those shadows are cast in the other direction.—Joe]


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  1. At $200 per pistol they believe there are already 5 million AR style pistols out there? And I am ignoring the “s” he added to billion. First time I have hoped a liberal was correct.

  2. So legal will require either $200 tax or $200+/- mods (if you can buy the parts). What’s the cost of non-compliance? How many 10+ mags still exist in NJ?

  3. The ATF has to argue in court that 5 million pistols are of a type “not in common use.”

  4. At least Bedard has abandoned the “Look how we can reduce crime by infringing on rights” pretext, and has gone straight to, “Think of the loot we can get”. At least give him some credit for being more honest than most other leftists. He’s totally wrong of course (it would only increase their costs), but at least he’s being honest about caring only to extort more money out of us.

    He’s only broken through one layer of deception though. To fully come clean, he needs to say, “Look at the power we can exercise, and the lives we can destroy, and how much fun it will be.”

    Then there’s this darker mentality, which is being pushed in our education institutions;

    (Louder with Crowder, showing a woman psychiatrist who wants to kill white people. She sounds uncannily like Charles Manson)

    Of course, when the enemy starts to abandon their pretexts, to throw off the masks and starts actually revealing their motivations, you know they’re getting close to their deadly end game.

    I prefer this. The left’s (Rome’s) pretexts and rationalizations have always been ridiculous. It’s much better when they simply admit that they hate us for no good reason, and want to rob and murder us, not for the “common good” or out of any sense of “compassion” or to “save the planet” or other such nonsense, but purely for their own temporary satisfaction. They should forget about their massive (and costly) efforts to deceive the world (which only make them look foolish), and get straight to the robbing, looting, burning and killing. It’d be much more open and honest of them and, frankly, more respectable than any of their rationalizations.

    • At least give him some credit for being more honest than most other leftists.

      OK, but that’s a little bit like the chastity award at a hooker convention.

  5. There are plenty of criminals already. But they are the useful idiot kind. The kind that hate the United States and want it destroyed as much as they do. The kind the can use as a weapon to attack there political opposition. The kind after they get what they want will be easily lined up against a wall and shot. Just like they plan to do to every single solitary United States citizen not them.

  6. It’s sad to say but I think this won’t have the 90% non compliance level, simply because it is just $200. If they said destroy or turn in then maybe. People don’t want to risk SWAT giving them lead injections for $200. We have already turned into a nation of wimps in the UK and it is getting that way rapidly in the U.S. The last bastion of freedom is under threat and although people think it is recoverable I see violence over there as the real patriots are forced to fight for their beliefs. Over here it is too late and we will end up more like the USSR than the US. Sigh.

    • I’m not sure it’s quite so bad, because in fact the pain is much greater than $200. The implications of applying the NFA to a weapon are massively increased approval and compliance paperwork hassle, not to mention that several states ban NFA items outright. There’s a world of difference between “go to the local store and wait for a Brady check” vs. “file an NFA application, get an intense background check done on you, wait half a year or so, then fork over $200.”

      • It’s worse than that.
        1) You fork over the $200 first.
        2) After you get your stamp you can’t move it in “interstate commerce” without pre-approval from the ATF.
        3) Thanks to the war on drugs, the current legal definition of interstate commerce requires neither travel between states nor economic activity.
        4) Always think forfeiture.

  7. Paying for the stamp is a terrible idea:
    1) You are paying the party that is violating your rights. Never ever pay the Danegeld.
    2) You are not paying the party that is defending your rights — SB and other innovative companies. Throw the old brace away and buy the “new, compliant” brace when it hits the market. Pay them to work around the law, reward them for helping you. Fight back in a way that actually works.
    3) In the interim, use no brace at all, or put a rifle upper on your pistol lower, or do whatever your conscience and good sense tell you. Defend your freedom by being free. Stop worrying and start living.

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