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The debate on the effectiveness of gun control measures to reduce firearm violence distracts attention from the real motive behind gun control. Nobody wants more gun violence, so focusing on gun violence shifts the debate in favor of gun control. What the proponents of gun control really want is control, and the gun violence argument is merely a means to the end that they actually seek–a disarmed population.

Randall G. Holcombe
April 16, 2021
Isn’t About Reducing Firearm Violence; It’s About Control
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. “Nobody wants more gun violence”. Yes they do. And the measures proposed are designed to get it. Gun control will prove far less successful than, the war on drugs? The war on poverty? Both of which produced an astonishingly opposite result from their stated proposes. Now a war on gun violence?
    Think a Chinese paid Ivy league think-tank wouldn’t know that?
    It’s the fastest way to take us off the world stage. Welcome to Sun Tzu 101.
    Has anyone heard anymore about the 10,000 assault weapons kits from China that were busted in KT. last year? Ya, me neither.
    They want a lot more gun violence. They just want the barrels pointed in your direction is all.

  2. The goal of gun control in the United States is this disarmament of the population for their later extermination. Because that IS the goal. Or using it as a springboard as justification for the extermination of the United States population.

  3. We on the “right” know why the gun grabbers want to grab our guns.
    The criminals on the “left” know why they want to grab guns.
    It’s the MILLIONS of morons allowed to vote who are somewhere in
    the middle that are the ones targeted by their propaganda. And since
    these millions CANNOT THINK the left uses EMOTION based propaganda
    to appeal to them. And it works.

      • Considering the gun grabbers control the judiciary, the media, academia, Big Tech and almost ALL the Fed Gov agencies there isn’t a whole lot left for us to do…….that’s legal.

        • And that is the real paradigm shift. Almost everyone is born with a sense of right and wrong.
          Then were brainwashed.
          Right, wrong, legal, illegal. God and history decide. Not us.
          And deep down in us tears the answer you’ve already came to Dan. Doesn’t every fiber of your being want to put action to what’s right, even if it feels kind of wrong?
          To me the most important sense we can work on in ourselves at this point in time is our sense of, BFYTW. You’ll need lots of that in the days ahead.
          See you on the beach, buddy!

      • Yeah, the question assumes that we have somewhere within ourselves the power to affect a societal paradigm shift toward liberty.

        I submit that such an assumption is delusional, to put it politely.

        And who do you mean, exactly, by “we”?

        If you understood any of the historical accounts in the Bible you wouldn’t say such a thing. What was Jesus doing wrong, for example, when he failed to rally the Jews and throw off their Roman oppressors?

        See what I mean? Totally wrong question! And those who call themselves Jews still don’t understand why it’s the wrong question even though the answers are clearly detailed in the Old Testament.

  4. ”Nobody wants more gun violence…”

    That statement is so provably and demonstrably wrong that it boggles the mind to ponder why someone would say it.

    Clearly, some people want violence, else there wouldn’t be any. QED. And look at the massive numbers of pretend violent acts on TV and in movies upon which we as a people spend billions of dollars for entertainment.

    No, Young Grasshopper, violence is very, very popular! And THAT is why governments want gun control— They wish to perpetrate violence on a scale that you cannot yet imagine (and that’s saying a lot).

  5. To better understand the principalities and powers at work in the world (the spiritual corruption in high places), it should be known that violence is just like the objectification of women, in this way: Entertainment and media have been promoting it for many generations while pretending, strenuously, to oppose it.

    The simplest of observation bears this out quite succinctly— The political class restricts liberty and promotes certain beliefs under the pretense of violence mitigation, and fairness, etc., and then violence, naturally, increases. Rather than admit the “error” in their ways and repent, they double down, demanding more of the same. And the cycle repeats. And so it is not an error, or a bug, that violence increases, but a feature. QED. Anyone can see, that in the cities where the left consistently gets its way there is more violence and more crime, and a general decay.

    All other arguments and assertions are mere gas-lighting, or the results thereof, and gas-lighting is an effective strategy. The same goes for leftist’s demands to defund police. They (their leaders at least) know exactly what they’re doing— They see the horrible results and they call for more of what caused them.

    Such duplicity (claiming to oppose something while actively working to promote it) is very Jesuit-like in character, by the way, (Romish, and also Masonic) and I point out that it’s been effective and that it will continue. Why then should anyone expect it to stop while it’s working so well? I believe that the only frustration that the Romish left feels today comes from the fact that it’s been taking so long to utterly destroy Western Judaeo-Christian Civilization. But they will succeed. It won’t be very long now.

    And so it is important, when entering into any controversy, to understand the lay of the tactical and strategic landscape, and to be able to recognize the fundamentals at play, and the players upholding the fundamentals. Our problem is that we simply don’t. We’ve all been gas-lighted for so long that we’d scarcely recognize a legitimate argument if we heard one. It would sound like gibberish or irrelevancy to most people today. Therefore we focus on (participate in) the enemy’s carefully constructed dialectics, and so at the end of the day we can only be proud, frustrated and angry, with no solutions, ultimately falling in line with the beast, with the whore of Babylon, however begrudgingly.

  6. One of many things they fail to understand, is that disarming the population is less about official permission to possess certain types of tools, and more about a mindset and an attitude. That can’t be banned, and never completely goes away (despite their best efforts to rig the school system). Perhaps that is the reason for the death camps, too–but even that only serves to drive resistance underground until a later date.

    It’s as if people don’t work the way that our would-be controllers think they do.

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