Quote of the day—Tucker Carlson

Listen to us”, scream the population.

“Shut up and do what you’re told”, reply their leaders.

In the face of dissent the first instinct of illegitimate leadership is to crack down on the population. But crackdowns never make it better.

Instead they always make the country more volatile and more dangerous.

The people in charge rarely understand that. They don’t want to. They don’t care to learn or listen because all this conversation is a referendum on them and their leadership.

So they clamp down harder. “Obey I tell you! Obey!

This is the Romanov program. It ends badly. Every. Single. Time. But that doesn’t mean they wont’ try it again. Of course they will. Because it’s their nature. It’s how we got here in the first place.

Millions of Americans sincerely believe the last election was fake. You can dismiss them as crazy. You can call them conspiracy theorists. You can kick them off Twitter.

But that won’t change their minds.

Rather than trying to change their minds, to convince them and reassure them the system is real, that democracy works, as you would do if you cared about the country or the people who live here, our new leaders will try to silence them. What happened today will be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights you were born with as an American. Your right to speak without being censored. Your right to assemble. To not be spied upon. To make a living. To defend your family, most critically. These are the most basic and ancient freedoms that we have.

When thousands of your countrymen storm the capital building you don’t have to like it. We don’t. You can be horrified by the violence, as we said and we’ll say it again, we are horrified. It’s wrong. But if you don’t bother to pause and learn a single thing from it. From your citizens storming your capital building? Then you’re a fool.

You lack wisdom and you lack self-awareness. You have no place running a country.

We got to this sad chaotic day for a reason. It is not your fault. It is their fault.

Tucker Calson
January 6, 2021
Tucker: Our only option is to fix what’s causing this.

[You could nitpick a few things but overall he did a good job of describing the current situation and matching what I think the near future will bring.—Joe]


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  1. “This is the Romanov program. It ends badly. Every. Single. Time.”

    So far, yes. However, it’s an open question of how long it takes for the reign of terror to burn itself out, and how many people get hurt in the process. A generation or two, on average, is in the ballpark, I’d guess.

  2. Between the fraudulent election, and the false flag / agent provocateur ops at the Capitol, the Left thinks they’ve won… Those poor dumb bastards don’t realize, what they’ve really done… is they’ve just killed John Wicks dog.

    • To Funny! Anon.
      As Jesse Kelly called communism. A religion of domination. It fits.
      And as Boris points out the short painful history every time it rises it’s ugly head. And never a shred of logic to any of it.
      In all human history, BOHICA appears to be the constant.

      • Yes, but for once it looks like the self-proclaimed “elites” are going to be the ones getting strung up.

        I like that line…. “they’ve just killed John Wick’s dog.” Yup. Pretty much sums it up.

        Or as I saw elsewhere, Trump is here to take names and kick ass… and he’s done making his list of names.

  3. Not just the Romanovs Mussolini, that Sawdust Caesar expected the same from his subjects. His slogan, after all, was Believe! Obey! Fight!.

  4. Tucker is embracing the dialectic, playing his role in it.

    Now what if we look at it from a different point of view altogether? It’s a point of view which assumes the dialectic (between the so-called “right” and “left”) to be a strategy in a global war against Western Judaeo/Christian Civilization. Forget the ignoramuses who, in their ignorance, go along with the “left”– Assume for a moment that they’re unwitting pawns in a chess game they don’t even know is being played, much less how it’s being played. Assume for a moment that the truly ignorant are subject to powers they’re unaware of, much less understand. In that case, they’re not the actual problem we face.

    Of course there would be those among them who do understand, and we have no way of telling the difference, nor would that difference really matter until the sentencing phase. What would matter is that the game being played is not being played by the seemingly ignorant, but by people who understand what they’re doing.

    Tucker says;
    “In the face of dissent the first instinct of illegitimate leadership is to crack down on the population. But crackdowns never make it better.”

    True, and true, but wait; who says, and based on what evidence, that “making it better” was ever a goal of the powers that be? In trying thus to “correct” the elites, to “educate” them, we’re ascribing to them a motive (“making it better”) not in evidence. As such, we’d be utterly failing to understand the lay of the strategic and tactical landscapes. In that case, we would fail no matter what we do as the result of our misunderstanding. We’d be falling prey to the dialectic method.

    He goes on;
    “Instead they always make the country more volatile and more dangerous.”.

    And so I submit to you the question; What if such is precisely the goal?

    I ask you to all to enter into this mental, “what if” exercise. What if the global left knows and understands exactly what it is doing? What if, therefore, there is no possible way to “correct” or “educate” them, or to “make them understand” because they already understand what they are doing and why they’re doing it, and that furthermore; they understand even much better than we understand?

    Assuming all of that, Now what?

    See, it’s a totally different situation, with a different set of questions to be asked, isn’t it? And it goes without saying that questions never asked will never be answered.

    Or are you all so addicted to the pleasure you get from making the global powers, who have already gained so much ground for so long and acquired so much power, out to be slobbering morons, and then laughing at them and hating them, thinking them sub-human, while accomplishing nothing whatsoever other than to reinforce the dialectic that’s playing into the hands of the enemy? Another way to ask this question is; How’s it working for you? Where’s it getting you? How’s it been working for the classic liberal (libertarian) part of the country and of the world?

    I would very much like to see this “What If” discussion carried out on an on-going basis. We know for certain that the enemies of liberty are not stupid, because they’ve gained tremendous power and tremendous resources, while we’ve been calling them “stupid” or “misguided” all along. Maybe it’s time we at least consider the possibility that they understand, perfectly well, that they’re fomenting conflict, ruin and death, that they are in fact counting on said conflict, ruin and death, as part of an overall strategy to achieve their goals.

    How about it? Is it really too much to ask that you consider it, or are you just not willing to look in that direction? And if you’re not willing to look in that direction, then surely your enemy, if he’s smart, knows it, and will take advantage of such.

    • Let me see if I understand this correctly.

      For 100 years or more a set of people have been deliberately agitating people and claiming they doing it to “save the children” or some other “noble cause”. And this set of people is quite large. Perhaps thousands of people? And in this latest example of deplatforming Trump and the entire company of Parler had to involve a least a 100 or more people. And certainly there had to be a few people involved who said, “This is only going to piss off people.” And when people said, “Exactly! That’s the point!” no one leaked that information?

      And this process of deliberately inflaming the situation over 100 or more years, involving thousands of people, has not yet result in someone coming forward to say, “They are lying when they tell you the reason was ‘A’. They told me it was ‘Z'”. And not once has someone infiltrated this group of thousands of people and found a memo, email, or recording of this evil?

      Is that right?

      • Pretty much. Frankfurt School. Critical theory. Constant gaslighting, framing the narrative. Massive psy-ops by very skilled talkers. A lot of people will do it because they want to change the world, and they don’t know they are being used. Some will do it because they get a high off of manipulating people, and the system filters through a lot of people find them, and grooms them, and then “introduces” them to the right person who “happens to have a job they’d be perfect for.” Why do you think the left tries to control the schools? That’s their screening / recruiting ground. Why do so many mass/school shooter look so drugged up and have therapists? Each player only knows a very small part of big picture. the average VP of Diversity & Equity honestly thinks they are doing their part to save the world from the evils or racism, toxic masculinity, and the hatred of straights for all others… compartmentalization does a lot to keep people constrained. Many don’t know they are part of a system. Read up on Yuri Bezmenov. reading through “Blacklisted by history” about the Red Scare, it’s clear that the government and other offices were pretty well compromised and infested by Reds and pinkos working to subvert the system.

        Why did Bezos buy the Washington Post? It wasn’t to make money, it was to control the narrative. Same with Carlos Slim and the NY Times. If you work at the WP, you either toe the corporate line or are “let go.” They hire an ideological fellow traveler as a replacement who doesn’t need marching orders, because he was hired for having the right general mindset. those are the only sorts of people who even get through the gate-keepers of journalism school these days.

        The average guy who does see something doesn’t say anything because the have bills to pay, or he get threatened, demoted, or disappeared. That is part of why the left wants lots of immigration – they can recruit or bring in agents from among them, with the side-benefit of depressing wages and making more men scared to lose their job because they are barely squeaking by.

      • It is quite long, but the book, “Tragedy and Hope” by Carrol Quigley will answer your questions. It provides excruciating detail of the types of things that Rolf cited below. It is interesting that Quigley wrote the book, not because he disagreed with the plan/agenda, but because he felt it was a good idea and that everyone should know about it to be able to embrace it. This has been in place for a long time and has been dependent in large measure on people who are vain enough to believe that they know better than you what is best for you and are willing to play the long game to accomplish that goal. They really do believe that they are saving the world whether you want them to or not!

        • I have “Tragedy and Hope 101” in my audible library. I’ve listened to it. I’ll listen again.


          • I would posit that it’s the nature of man. And that no system created and maintained by man is safe from these forms of corruption.
            That said, I believe it was Rothchild that introduced the idea of ever evolving semi-secret societies. So no one group could be attacked.
            And the public would be in constant turmoil.
            Oh, it’s the Gang of Rome. No, it’s the Bilderbergers. It’s Davos, Templars, free masons, skull an bones. Wall street. The illuminati? Communism!
            What their all in on, is that’s how one enjoys the one life your given to the fullest of material existence. If everyone gets a little. No one get a lot. Way to boring.
            To us little people it’s vain and ignorant. To them. It’s just how the life works.
            Chaos focuses power. Just as 9/11 focused the security industry into a multi-trillion dollar, power machine.
            Who’s doing what will always be a conspiracy theory. That almost never has anything done about it.
            Just like who stole the election? 20 different groups that somehow just never could get brought to court. And never will be. And it was the biggest theft in human history.
            To me the flaw in their armor is enforcement. Control of 3G/GW, on a local level is the key to limiting them.
            Then who’s doing what global elitism won’t matter as much..

  5. For the left to work at convincing the vast numbers of people who believe the election was a fraud they would need to be able to prove that it wasn’t. They CANNOT. They were SO CERTAIN of the outcome of their crime they didn’t
    even TRY to hide what they were doing. In some instances there is actual
    VIDEO of the cheating being caught AS IT WAS BEING DONE. The left simply
    cannot prove the results were legitimate. But they GOT AWAY WITH IT and
    they intend to KEEP control now that they’ve stolen it. And if that means burning
    it all down to keep us from taking it back from them then SO BE IT.

    • And burning the whole thing down would do what for the Chinese? Make them a superpower. Something the communist system could never hope to achieve on it’s own.
      It’s just another sale-out for power and control. The most fleeting of vanities!

  6. Took 300 years for the Romanovs to implode. And, of course, they were replaced by an even worse monstrosity. Lest anyone think it was all good until Nicky II showed up, look up Razin, Pugachev, Shamil, the Bashkirs, various Polish revolts, and many others.

  7. During the Civil Rights struggle in the 1950s and 1960s did people say, “If you don’t want to sit in the back of the bus use another transportation service?”
    Did anyone say, “Didn’t you read Woolworth’s Terms of Service? If Woolworth’s doesn’t want to serve you at their lunch counter just go somewhere else?”
    Build your own lunch counter, create your own bus lines, use your own drinking fountains.

  8. Hm. “This video is age-restricted”? I didn’t realize Tucker’s monologues were R-rated… 🙂

    • Did you forget that “it’s for the children” is the all powerful explanation for everything the Left wants/does?

    • Another possibility is that “they” want to know exactly who watches certain videos. Signing in negates the benefit of proxies for covering your tracks.

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