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In the past, the rules were that ex-Presidents didn’t trash-talk current Presidents. Obama set a new precedent. If you think Trump is going to sit quiet while Biden/Harris turn the nation into Venezuela, I suggest that you seek therapy.

Jim Francis
Comment on Facebook January 8, 2021
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  1. We won’t be able to hear Trump because the enemies of civilization will have dumped him in a…
    A) Prison
    B) Asylum
    C) Grave

  2. And every time he offers criticism of the New, Improved Administration, we’ll hear how terrible he is for following the Rules for Leftists instead of the Rules for Adults.

  3. Bush broke the same rule and trash-talked Trump. Not as much as O, but it was still an unprecedented breach of tradition to dump on a new administration from the same party. That was the real confirmation that the uniparty is real, and leaders of “both” sides are playing for the same team against the American people.

    • Bush I too. As much as I loathe Obama, he gets blamed for a lot of stuff that was actually one of the Bushes. At least Obama was loyal to his supporters.

      • He is loyal to no-one but his puppet-masters. But the left does enforce a “no enemies on the left” policy quite well, which looks like loyalty and is often mistaken as such. But once the ship is sinking, and it’s every rat for himself, the back-stabbing and under-bussing will be epic.

  4. As far as we know Trumps part of the uniparty. Cause at this point all he did was buy Chicom/big tech the time to get in position to control/destroy us.
    The Pit and the Pendulum come to mind. And the real joke is that the French army is coming to help?
    Clown world lives. BOCHICA the future!

    • No, Trump is not part of Clown-World. Reasons:
      The establishment absolutely HATES him
      He is getting them to expose themselves
      He’s getting conservatives off the couch and fired up
      He is exposing the hypocrisy of the left and the powerful
      He is exposing the totalitarian tendencies of Big Tech
      He is forcing people to publicly pick a side – America or Globalist
      He’s allowing the globalist-left to become public with their plans to marginalize, target, and silence dissent.
      He is eliminating leftists from positions of power.
      No, he’s not a clown-world actor. Perhaps the first non-compromised and fully situation-aware president in generations.

      • Love ya Rolf. But the guy never seemed to be able to get one person of interest arrested????? With so many in plain sight.
        He fired us up. Just in time for us to rip ourselves apart. For Chinese entertainment I might add.
        At this point it ain’t going to matter anymore. We got played.
        Trumps off the table. As much I prayed you were right. And still do. Were on our own. The sooner we face that. The more able to fight we will be.
        Begun. Clown war has.

        • What is a sealed indictment, and why do they do them? It’s an charge that has been before a grand jury with evidence presented, but left closed to the public so as to not alert the other criminals potentially involved in the crimes being investigated. The person indicted doesn’t even know in most cases. Prior to Trump’s election, there was a long-term average of about one thousand sealed federal indictments at any given time. Once he took office, it’s been climbing steadily, to over 180,000 now. There is substantial evidence the election fraud was being very extensively documented, sort of like filming a suspected shoplifter; but it’s not shoplifting until they actually walk out the door. An election isn’t stolen until they complete the act, where (if done with foreign help) it becomes provable treason. There is going to be a massive police AND MILITARY presence in all the state capitals leading up to and on the 20th.

          Right now he’s following SunTzu – “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” He’s letting them show their true colors.

          Is it still possible that he got suckered and triple-crossed and is really going away? Possible. But I’d put his chance of winning after all the dust settles at about 99% right now. Cheer up, make some popcorn , and enjoy the show.

      • I understand what you’re saying, but we all must understand that deception is a predominant feature of the world of politics, and furthermore that the deceivers are now, having learned from centuries of practice and experimentation, very good at what they do. Read trump’s inaugural address, trying your level best to ignore who’s words they are, forget the flowery generalizations designed to pull you in, and tell me it isn’t predominantly National Socialist in nature and substance. And so we could just as easily take your points and re-interpret them somewhat like this;

        The establishment PRETENDS to hate him
        He is helping them to expose themselves, while simultaneously giving them pretense for the next phase of crackdowns
        He’s getting “conservatives” off the couch and making a show of being fired up so we don’t, among other things, completely give up on the Party, de-fund it, and form a new one
        He is exposing the hypocrisy of the left and the powerful, which is a necessary phase in the agitation of the Western world, because after all, being blatantly hypocritical is a badge of authority and proof of power to a leftist
        He is exposing the totalitarian tendencies of Big Tech, getting us more accustomed to it
        He is forcing people to publicly pick a “side” – “America” or “Globalist”, which are now practically the same “side”, thus enticing us, via emotion, into matriculating ourselves into the system no matter which “side” we choose
        He’s allowing the globalist-left to become public with their plans to marginalize, target, and silence dissent, because that’s exactly what they’re planning to do and it has to come out eventually – someone or something MUST be the catalist
        He is eliminating leftists from positions of power, to be replaced by worse, and more clever, players in the global war against liberty.

        Just sayin’, there’s always another way of interpreting the evidence, and if I had to bet, then I’d bet in the direction I’m currently pointing, for the long-term evidence, or trend line, supports it more than it supports your scenario.

        Trump may be that unicorn among Republicans that you’re saying he is, but a) he’d have to be a very recent convert, and that would make for a captivating personal testimony about his conversion, which we’ve never heard, and b) he has none-the-less either supported or tolerated an awful lot of Progressive programs, policies and federal departments, etc., some of which he could have eliminated with the stroke of a pen.

        However, maybe we’ve reached the stage wherein it no longer matters one way or the other. Maybe a single president is far from powerful enough to stem the tide of such a deeply entrenched and thoroughly metastasized authoritarian movement.

        And maybe it’s been out of our hands altogether, all along. Biblical prophesy says we’ll end up under the worst authoritarian system in all of history (“the abomination of desolation”), and that the dragon gives his power to that beast. The bright side to that narrative of course, the brightest of bright sides in contrast to the darkest of dark sides, is that this particular beast (a religion/government system) will reign at full strength only for a very short time, after which it, and all who’ve given themselves over to it, will be eliminated entirely and for all time.

  5. Obozo the SCOAMF was able to trash talk because Big Tech and the media whores WANT him to be heard. Trump is STILL IN OFFICE and has been
    muzzled and silenced. Once he’s out of office those in power will make sure

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