Quote of the day—Jaime Huffman

If the game is rigged you don’t play. You flip the table.

Jaime Huffman
January 6, 2020
[This was during a call last night. The entire point of the call was to discuss yesterday’s activities in the U.S. Capital building. She also quoted John F. Kennedy as being particularly relevant in the current context.

This post, from almost exactly six years ago, is quite relevant as well.

After the people made it inside the capital I didn’t expect them to leave without reducing this country’s’ population of communists in positions of power by a significant number. That certainly would have made the voting on the certain issues a lot more “interesting” in the next few days.

Day before yesterday Mike B. sent me this link and asked me for predictions about what would happen at the capital. Here was my response:

  1. Something less complicated than his worst case scenario through the maze of dark and twisty legal passages.
  2. Something more complicated than nearly all other presidential elections.
  3. Perhaps not tomorrow, but by January 20 Biden looks like the winner.
  4. The history books will make a special note of this election.

All vague and mostly difficult to falsify but I, and pretty much everyone else, certainly missed the noteworthy directional twist events took.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]


29 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jaime Huffman

  1. The Trump mob had the (pretty easy, actually) opportunity to take the congress physically hostage. But they didn’t: they just took some selfies and went home, which tells you just how not serious they are about “watering the tree of liberty.” For all the airy rhetoric, they know that Biden isn’t the existential threat social media claims he is, and they’re satisfied with political stunts.

    There will be no table flipping by this crowd….

    • Chucky Schumer is going to flip the table. America is about to enjoy all the peace and enlightenment AOC can think of. (Or should we say communist China?). Enjoy buddy!

    • The Bundy’s were a warning. Trump 2016 was a warning. Jan 6 was a warning. There may, or may not, be additional warnings before things really kick off. The country has been a powder keg for over a decade, the heat & pressure really started to ramp up in 2020, and now it appears that the fuse has been lit. Lord help us all, because there’s no way of knowing how it’s going to end up or what–if anything–will be left when it’s over.

  2. No one in congress thinks Trump is just a symptom of their real problem? That being the 100 million that voted for him?
    As far as I care Trump should pardon Kyle Rittenhouse. Then leave. He didn’t have what it takes to be America’s top police officer.
    The illusion was that we all live under the law. Trump should have been arresting DC criminals all along. Instead we will get excuses.
    The communist have it all now. And they won’t be afraid to use it. It was always going to come down to this anyway. A battle of foot soldiers. Now comes the ground game of occupation. No doubt true to historic norms.
    So plan on getting down on your knees to whatever the communist demand. Or satan if you like.
    Or not. Just remember, we can’t tap out. Even though the odds are slim that we can fight our way out.
    Interesting times indeed!

      • Even the National review seems to forget that Joe Biden did not WIN anything.
        Just like you wouldn’t answer the question last time. You truly believe Biden got 81 million votes? !2 million more than Obama? You truly believe that? After sleeping through the campaign Joe is all that popular??? More votes than any other president in history?
        Like I said before, NO one even respects him enough to believe what comes out of his mouth. “We have the worlds best voter fraud team!” ??? On camera no less??? “Hunter is the smartest guy I know”??? You really believe he won fair and square?
        If you do, I truly pity you.
        Because that’s what makes it all different this time. We could always vote for a better congress/president before. Not any more.

        • It’s not about Mr. Biden’s popularity. Mr. Trump was that unpopular, and that was the margin of his defeat.

          He could only win against a candidate less popular than he was. In 2016, he had that. In 2020, he did not.

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well then. Enjoy the win, Monica! You’all earned it.
            Were about to embark on an age of peace, enlightenment and equality like the world has never seen before.
            And your about to find out some pigs are more equal than others. Just not on a Chinese hog farm!
            HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for that, I needed a laugh!

      • Maybe so. I was just being rhetorical anyway. But how did Obama and Joe let 35,000 drug-heads out?

  3. There is some evidence to indicate this was a preplanned false flag operation. There is cellphone video of what is said to be “ANTIFA” chartered busses being escorted into the protest area by black LEO style SUVs with red and blue flashing lights. There is other video supposedly showing either D.C. or Capitol police removing a barricade on the Capitol grounds to allow some “protesters” to enter. There are supposedly photographic matches between “protesters” inside the Capitol building and known ANTIFA members / sympathizers photographed at previous riots. In short, this was likely the American socialists Reichstag fire!

    • That’s a strong assertion. I assume you have strong evidence? Links?

    • There are also people who believe all the destruction under the flag of BLM was really Trump supporters.

      Evidence is required. I want mug shots and names from their arrests and then their backgrounds can be explored to get a better idea what is going on.

    • Yes, exactly. It’s a false-flag hiding among the legit protestors, bringing a few normal Trump supporters with them in case they need to get someone in front to soak up a bullet. Looks like Ashli Babbet, a 14 year AF veteran with three kids, was one of them to get hit and killed.

      So now that Facebook and Twitter have silenced his account – as predicted and planned for, according to Q posts – things can move on to the next stage. The fact that Twitter deleted the tweet with Trump specifically calling for obeying the police, remaining calm and order, and to disperse means they are complicit in trying to maintain the disorder and violence. I.e., they are part of the insurrection. Up to the point where they confirmed the fraudulent electors, it was only conspiracy to steal an election, just like picking up things in a store and planning on leaving w/o paying for it is not shoplifting. It only becomes a crime when you actually leave the store without paying; well, the corruptocrats just actually stole the election, with the help of foreign powers. Meaning it is treason. Not sure if it will be Pence or Chief Justice Roberts who will get arrested first.

      I think that Trump is about to get all table-flipping on them.
      What a time to be alive, what a timeline!

      • Just so I understand: you think there were thousands of “patriots” there at the capitol, and they let a small number of Antifa rabblerousers invade the capitol building? Why didn’t the “patriots” stop them? If, as you say, it was a small number, defending the capitol and the home of law and order should have been a straightforward affair. Trumpers are pro law and order, right?

        Couple options:

        1. Even with thousands of patriots there, they weren’t strong enough to defend the capitol against a few rabblerousers. I.e. the “patriots” were all talk, no muscle.
        2. They *were* strong enough to defend the capitol, but just didn’t want to.
        3. They weren’t even there. Everybody in the mob was Antifa. The “patriots” were sitting comfortably at home, letting the capitol get invaded while they opened another beer and some chips.
        4. There was no Antifa, these were all Trump supporters, and the invasion of the capitol building was entirely their desire and their doing.

        I’m going with #4.

        • As nice as they left the place, it had to be Trump supporters.
          But it all academic at this point. Sandy Cortez won the day!

        • Well John, here is something for you to look at. If there is one thing I have learned about political gamesmanship, it is to never believe that all the information will ever be placed on the table for all to see. Some time ago, a very experienced attorney told me that all politicians are animals at heart and only truly care about winning the next election. Tucker Carlson covered that pretty well tonight. The way that everyone folded after this incident simply highlights their concern for themselves, not for the principles of liberty and the people that voted for them.


          • Everybody’s caving, piling on, and can’t jump quick enough – leaving what’s left of our rights in the dust. In a more sane world the left would be asking why half the country is opposed to their takeover and those on the right would be demanding answers.

            Instead, they – and that includes many on the right – are closing all the doors to any solutions. I guess that they too can read headlines put out by the mobs and are afraid of the mob.

  4. And as to the aftermath – this event will be the excuse to cancel Trump, his supporters, and conservatives.

  5. The trajectory of the nation, toward authoritarianism, has been set for generations. Nothing has changed except that we’re now this much farther down that trajectory. Let the Democrats celebrate. It won’t make any difference. Reality will bring her hammer down on all of us soon enough.

    My only regret, if it can be called such, is that those poor, clueless individuals who’ve cheered the authoritarian state along, and even supported it, will not understand their error until it’s far too late to change their minds. Many of them on the other hand, understand very well that they’re bringing destruction not only on us but on themselves. I’ve heard this twice, from two different leftists on the radio in the last week; “We hate you more than we love ourselves!”

    So there it is. The fundamental motivation of the left; hate. Now, all you politics and social psychology geniuses; how do you fix THAT? There are probably enough of them, and they have little enough regard for themselves (loving ruin more than life), that they stand a fair chance of bringing the Western World into destruction. And don’t think for a second that this is an American problem. It’s global.

    And once again; this is a religious war. It is the on-going, centuries old, total onslaught against the remnants of the Protestant Reformation. If you don’t recognize that you’re nowhere close to understanding the situation, much less doing anything about it. Thus it is essentially over; it’s just a matter of time.

    A W.W. II analogy would be that the Germans have taken over Europe, North Africa and Russia and established a beachhead on our east coast, the Japanese have made a beachhead on our west coast and are running Austrailia and the south Pacific, and the Italians are now running Canada and Mexico, and we’re all arguing over whether Germany or Japan would make the best leaders of America, altogether unable to talk about anything else. Any dumb loser like me, saying that we have a global conspiracy on our hands, would be booed out of the conversation.

  6. Ignoring the rhetoric of the two parties, as we must, and looking instead, in the opposite direction; at their actions and the results thereof, we come to understand Carroll Quigley’s famous statement, and in understanding it we can see its implementation;

    “The argument [that the] two parties should represent opposed ideas and policies, one perhaps of the right and the other of the left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinate and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. The policies that are vital and necessary for America are no longer subjects of significant disagreement, but are disputable only in details of procedure, priority or method.” — Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor (emphases mine)

    Enjoy your lockdowns, mask requirements, the QE, the MMT and your Trump stimulus checks. This year, all of those, and more besides, will be “Biden’s”.

    No profound or extensive shifts in policy (trajectory). Differences only in “…details of procedure, priority, and method.” Remember it. That’s all we’ve been “fighting” for, for generations, considering ourselves “pragmatists”.

    Compromise (of fundamental principles) has been the deadly disease, slowly rotting out our substance, and even now we cling to it as our only hope for salvation!

    How long do you want to maintain, support and reinforce the false dialectic before you realize that it can only perpetuate the problem by keeping the solution (our fundamental principles, even Christ) out of the conversation? Well, it probably doesn’t matter because we’re probably locked in to the current trajectory so tightly, so irretrievably, having been so conditioned for failure for so many generations, that the question is now a merely rhetorical one, or one to be pondered, sadly, by future historians. As Americans we’ve demonstrated to the enemy, for over 100 years and counting, that not only are they in command of the field but we’ll even cheer for them under the right circumstances! Still, the question has to be asked.

    And just like Charlie Brown eyeing the football in Lucy’s hands, we’ll work our “courage” up and go at it again, patting ourselves on the back for our steadfast resolve while loving those conservative pundits who cheer us on every time! “Come on, Charlie! Kick that football, one more time! You can DO IT!!”

  7. I guess the leftist trolls have completed their project of polluting the big players like Instapundit and American Greatness and are branching out to the gun blogs now. I see you have acquired one as has Sebastian. Since you don’t like to ban people, I implore the readers to just ignore them. They are here to disrupt, not discuss.

    • (—looks around room, points to self with quizzical expression—)

      Since I’m the only one here who seems to be questioning the central narrative, I’ll make the leap that I’m who you’re referring to.

      Joe “acquired” me because I shot plates league with him a few times back in the 1990s at WSI, and we have mutual friends.

      Since it seems to require repeating: questioning conservative ideas doesn’t imply one is a leftist (I lean libertarian, fwiw, albeit without the Randian extremism).

      But you’re right, I do comment to disrupt echo chambers. I’d like to be able to keep my guns without becoming a de facto felon, and if the gun community gets too homogeneous it will be unable to respond effectively to the anti-gun groups. Just as my liberal friends’ thinking has gotten brittle from their unwillingness to read conservative media (TAC and National Review are must reads IMO), my conservative friends are increasingly caught by the same snare.

      Yes, it’s a pain in the ass. Maybe I’m a pain in the ass. I’m ok with that.

      (—waits for first response to arrive starting with “You egotistical freak…”—)

      • I considered you as probably in the number #2 position of likely candidates. But it was a close call.

        No matter. As far as I am concerned you have been well behaved and are welcome here.

        And although it is true that, “I don’t like to ban people.” There is one time I did. It probably was in the 2005 -> 2008 timeframe when someone was advocating the commission of a violent crime.

        I have also deleted some comments when people started calling each other names rather than having a quasi rational, somewhat evidence based, discussion.

        And there was one set of comments which were deleted when they were discussing means by which certain U.S. military equipment could be defeated with low tech, low skill, tactics and tools.

        But, generally, if you are relatively polite to other guests and don’t advocate criminal acts you will be welcome here.

      • Thanks John. We all have different backgrounds and open discussion with multiple views is a healthy advantage – otherwise as you put it – we’re just living in an echo chamber.

        I too feel a little out of step. I think that due to tech our world has gone from world of scarcity to a world of abundance, from a world where everyone needs to work, to a world where only a fraction need to work. So we should revisit what does and does not work for society as we leave the industrial period behind.

        Of course, given recent events I fear that any such discussions are dead for a generation or more because we now we only have a far left echo chamber that will lead us into a new dark age and a world of scarcity. Or perhaps you don’t agree?

        • “we only have a far left echo chamber that will lead us into a new dark age and a world of scarcity. Or perhaps you don’t agree?”

          I agree the far left has a big ass echo chamber of its own. I’m a member of some liberal groups on Facebook that will barely let me post (they moderate heavily), and have never let me post anything that’s vaguely supportive of the cops (“ACAB”). I don’t even bother submitting posts that are pro-gun, it’s a waste of time.

          But I’m skeptical of claims that we’re on our way to revolution or a new dark age. People are just too comfortable. I know folks talk like they aren’t, but most of them are, and aren’t going to unplug from Netflix long enough to do much. On the right or the left. And the folks who aren’t comfortable are so economically and politically weak at this point that they have little chance of making a significant impact.

          I’m more concerned that we’re just going to slowly slide into a comfortable authoritarianism. The events today of deplatforming Trump are a good example: Yes, he incited a riot. He should be punished for abusing his office. But I don’t know that killing his Twitter account is the correct punishment, given the precedent it sets for others who *aren’t* in the office of the POTUS.

          Yet liberals all over the place are overjoyed at Twitter “finally doing the right thing.” Matt Taibbi did a good piece on it today, focusing on the Wikileaks/Assange story:

          “The authoritarian behaviors that freaked people out in the Bush and early Obama years have become as invisible as air to most Americans, who, lucky for many, mostly stopped following that bouncing ball the moment Trump arrived. Now Trump is on his way out, but the lockdown era is just beginning. You’ll forgive me if I’m more scared of that than the other thing.”


  8. The history books will have an asterisk by this election. And the footnote SHOULD read that it was the END of fair and honest elections in America. Because there will NEVER be another honest election in this country under the current paradigm.
    NOBODY who isn’t TOTALLY vetted and approved by the commie left will ever win office in America again. The left now TOTALLY OWN and control the voting apparatus and determine WHO WINS and WHO LOSES regardless of actual votes.

    What happened Wednesday tells anyone paying attention that the swamp is TOO DEEP and TOO PERVASIVE to drain. The left has shown that they have the capability to bribe, blackmail, intimidated and if necessary murder ANYONE that gets in their way in order to achieve their goal. We will likely never know when and in what way VP Pence was compromised but compromised he was and the left got him to flip. NOBODY can stand up to them because NOBODY can go it alone in DC. Trump thought he had allies in his administration. Wednesday proved that to be totally wrong. As the acronym goes….TINVOWOOT. Wednesday was the day to choose….1776 or 1984…..forever.

  9. John S. The flaw I see is thinking that the communist will keep everyone comfortable.
    They can’t. They never have before. As EVERY country that has gone down this road looks the same. Destroyed.
    Communism always needs enemies to struggle against.
    Were the new Kulaks.
    Also, This isn’t an echo chamber. It’s where steel sharpens steel. New ideas are brought here everyday. Tested, rebuked, hashed over. The difference is freedom.
    Sad you don’t see it.

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