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The left’s idea of a ‘gun nut’ typically is white men who are upper class and see this as a hobby that will make their egos bigger. But the reality is this is a form of empowerment for me.

As working-class people, we should not be disarmed. There is everlasting violence against LGBTQ people that oftentimes politicians, on whatever side of the aisle, are not addressing, and we need to be able to protect ourselves.

And because of that, I came to this understanding that the March for Our Lives goals do not align with my goals.

Ermiya Fanaeian
November 28, 2020
Huge Utah gun control advocate flips, launches a pro-gun group after her ‘awakening’ about America
[The truth will set you free.—Joe]


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  1. It’s a good start. But she needs to get passed the identity politics. Hopefully she will one day. As the 2A is no respecter of one’s personage. As truly government should not be either.
    LGBTQ community has been the biggest hypocrites in using the government as a weapon against people who disagree with them. And the communist have used them to help destroy society.
    They need to come to grips with that. Until they do, their always going to be viewed in the same light as tyrants.

  2. “There is everlasting violence against LGBTQ people that oftentimes politicians, on whatever side of the aisle, are not addressing”

    Really? From where I’m sitting I see LGBTQ…WXYZ as among the most protected, and dare I say coddled, classes in the Western world. (In parts outside the Judeao/ Christian world she may have a point.)

    You know, she just called you, in essence, a Nazi, and seeks to arm herself against you, right?

    And thus it is entirely possible to win the battle (for gun rights) and still totally lose the war that’s being waged all around us against liberty.

  3. To back up @MTHead’s well stated opinion, I’d like to ask the following question:

    What “everlasting violence” is she talking about?

    To some degree, I think there is some identity-politics memetic damage involved here. To be an oppressed identity group, the group must be oppressed by oppressors, thus there is violence. In CRT logical proofs, however, having shown that anywhere, anywhen, there has ever been a legitimately violently oppressed group (and there has, thanks mostly-Democrats), once one identifies as a oppressed group, the existence of violence is a unproven yet foregone conclusion. The epidemic of hoax harassment, like that actor that paid two Nigerian body builders to attack him in the dead of a wintry Chicago night, or seeing a noose in a garage door pull-handle, or spray painting racial epithets and swastikas all over one’s own BMW, is the ‘victims’ wanting to get in on the cachet of being victims when the perceived suppliers of oppression have disrespected them by not oppressing them, as is their due.

    Putting the imagined component of ‘everlasting violence’ aside, what about the real part? The leftist-contiguous media will gleefully report any real violence against a client identity group. This loud attention provides their allied politicians the cover they need to direct public resources at the problem. (No sarcasm about problem: violence at anyone is always an issue, even if the magnitude of the issue is wildly divergent from the coverage.) Any real violence will not only be top-of-the-hour/front-page news, it will stay there until the leftist media gets the political result they want.

    So where are the news stories about the everlasting violence? Well, the news only happens if the story is [designated oppressor identity] against [client victim identity]. We’ve seen plenty of stories that blow up where the victim identity is known and the oppressor identity as assumed… until the actual perpetrator is identified, then, poof story goes away, no-one will talk about it. The CRT dominated media will not talk about gay-on-gay domestic violence. They will not talk about WNBA players using their girlfriends as punching bags. They don’t want to talk about black (mostly male) hostility towards LGBT. They absolutely do not want to go anywhere near the suicide rate for post-transition individuals, which is Aesopic in its tragedy. The stories do no advance the required Marxist agenda, so they will not be reported on, and that calculated neglect gives the conjoined leftist politicians the cover to vigorously take no notice of it.

    That’s the tragedy of buying into CRT and deciding you’re part of a coveted client identity group: help will only be forthcoming if it is useful to the Marxist movement. When your client identity group is 90+% bought in, you get nothing outside of 3-6 months before an election. Out of political pragmatism, you get nothing from the other side because you are faithful foot-soldiers against them at every other opportunity, and your own side gets all your effort for no further expenditure of resources.

    That brings us back to the truly anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-whatever movement: the 2A community. It’s a simple message:
    – You have to survive until help arrives
    – We’ll help you do that, whoever you are

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13, American Standard Version. One need not be Christian to see the wisdom in this.) It cannot be drastically less for one to spend one’s limited time and resources teaching and equipping someone to save their own life.

  4. One step at a time. Incrementalism is how we got here. It’s one of the paths out.

    The most outspoken Trump supporter (with a strong Libertarian streak) I know is a lesbian trans woman married to another Trump supporter fighting the biased BS for people of color/LGBT coming out the HR department at her place at work.

    • And I might add the path to something different as has happened time and time again through out history. It the reason that we are Anglo Saxons among many other things.

      Today, our conflict is not so much as an invasion as a conflict of cultures that is due in part to our own success, population growth, and changing demographics. We’re not going to put anything back into the bottle. The genie is out.

      What I find interesting is that there significant differences how we respond – one is demanding this and that, and the other is saying leave me alone. One is a group and the other is bunch of individuals standing alone.

      There may be solutions but just saying leave me alone is not it. We too, need to be loud and clear on what we want – that is if there is even a ‘we’.

      Or are we just destined to fade away?

  5. I believe in the law and trying to use it as written.
    I am a Commissioned and sworn Peace Officer in WA State and I am an expert witness in CA case: Miller Vs. Becerra.
    But the despite the protestations , If we are not prepared and willing to engage in combat to protect our rights, we will have no rights.
    Load more magazines.

    • Along those lines, I’d like to point out to any that aren’t aware of it: Joe’s site is not encrypted, and it is open to anyone that wants to read it. It’s almost certainly backed up by things like the Way-back Machine or other web archiving services.

      Don’t go saying things here that you don’t want introduced as evidence in court or on the front page of the New York Times in some hysterical freakout article written by someone that unironically says “full semi-auto” as if that wasn’t proof they’re a moron.

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