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The two sides in American politics today lack almost all middle ground.  There can be no “meeting of the minds” if the minds are so diametrically opposed to each other.  This election has not solved that problem, and no election will.  Nevertheless, we’d better try to find a solution . . . because if we don’t, the next Battle of Fort Sumter may be all too ready to erupt.  We may be seeing its first skirmishes on our streets as I write these words.

Peter Grant
November 5, 2020
No matter who wins this year’s election, we can’t go on living together like this
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. I’ve always been a live and let live type, but that does not work when one group wants to mandate to everyone, refuses all criticisms, insists that everyone believe the same creeds, will not share power, and delights in punishing the opposition. So yes, we have an unacceptable and intractable problem of incompatible beliefs.

    The only semi-peaceful solution I can think of is a divorce, but that would be messy and won’t fix it unless you consider a moat and castle a good solution.

    • Agreed… divorce is the only option that will prevent a Yugoslavia style disintegration.

      But there will be some spousal abuse taking place before there’s a realization that separate is not only better but essential.

      Jeff B.

    • I should add that a political, rather than geographic, divorce ‘might’ be possible with some form of power sharing similar to the ‘peaceful’ coexistence of Jews and Christians in Islam where domestic court cases were resolved by your religious court. And no I do not want to turn back the clock to that place or period of history.

      • Sorry, Their not interested in divorce. This more like they want to kill their spouse so they can have everything.
        And were hardly going to live next to each other unless we continue to allow them to abuse us anyway they see fit.
        I would ask what exactly has Trump, or any of us for that matter, ever done to the left to deserve the things they say and do to us?
        There’s not one argument brought by the left that can’t be easily refuted with reality and logic.
        From racism to manmade climate change. Indeed, communism to how they run their lives on feelings. Not one thing.
        You need to settle it in your soul that it’s all or nothing. That’s their rules, not mine. And at best, Trump is/was a staling tactic against them.
        In this world we have. Reason, logic, and guns. We’ve lost the use of the first two. As for some they’ve been brainwashed away.
        Unfortunately it only changes back with increased oxygen supply. Once again, their rules not mine.

        • Yes.
          Pirates cannot thrive without victims to raid. They do not build, only consume. If you build a castle wall and moat, they will send forth their young women to appeal to teh lonliest young men, worm their way in, open the gate, and the cycle starts over again. The r/K pendulum continues its swing.

          But there are signs that Trumps impending crushing victory and Great Reset is a part of a global thing, a global reset, on debt, banking, corruptocrats, etc. If he pulls it off, he’d not the greatest president since Jackson, he’ll be the greatest leader since Jesus.

        • All divorces are unpleasant and often adversarial. Few end in violence. The Revolution was essentially a divorce between US and Canada. Some rough spots at the beginning but now 200 years of peace despite continued differences in government. Assuming they will end in violence, you make it inevitable. For gods sake, pull back from the brink. Between you and the surrender monkeys, we are screwed.

    • And just to confirm, again, their animosity towards us, Michelle Obama says 70M Americans voted for ‘lies, hate, chaos and division’ .

      You would think that she would at least consider the magnitude of the vote, but no. It would appear that we are irredeemable.

  2. The divisiveness is overhyped by the media, because they want division. Look how Democrats lost in legislatures across the country, and the reasoning is that they were way too far left of a platform. I’m hopeful that centrist demos and republicans can still get along.

  3. I would argue that it is not the politicians who are so diametrically opposed as it is we, the people. The top shelf of both major parties is, to varying degrees, progressive they only differ on how quickly they want to expand government. But they stage the kabuki, with the help of the media, of a wide, bright, line of division between left and right because it suits their agenda to keep up all divided and squabbling. Tribalism and Balkanization, driven by a class system where all are equal, in Orwell’s words, but some are very much more equal than others, is at the root of this.

  4. I sense a total lack of the understanding of the Dialectic Method here. Of course there is polarization in society. It’s part of the game. Are we all so “all in” for “our team” that we can’t see beyond the game venue?

    But eventually, when the time is ripe, after the thesis and the antithesis have been ground against one another long enough so as to produce the required psychological effects, there will come the synthesis. Just as half of us believe what we’re told by one “side” and the other half believes what they’re told by the other “side”, once we’re all put into such a state that we’re all searching for a solution, we’ll all believe what we’re told when we’re told how we’re going to come together. And many will sing, “Hallelujah!” or dance in the streets declaring “Peace and safety!”, and that’s when things will really get bad.

  5. “Their [sic] not interested in divorce. This [is] more like they want to kill their spouse so they can have everything.”

    There are the following options:
    1) We capitulate, agree to whatever they want to do to our country and accept it without resistance.
    2) We “divorce” – establish two separate geopolitical and geographic regions within the boundaries of the United States where each is entirely controlled by its managing entity; basically, two countries, one for Republicans and Democrats, and one for Americans.
    3) We kill them or they initiate serious attempts to kill us (Civil War).
    4) They agree to reduce their demands for our subservience.
    5) A form of truce is reached allowing moderately peaceful coexistence, potentially on a state-by-state or regional basis.

    #1 won’t happen because too many people within the borders of the United States are Americans who will not accept such subservience; they’ll jump directly to #3 by dinnertime tonight first.

    #2 won’t work because read the quote at the top of this comment.

    #3 might work, but it will take some time, have numerous international geopolitical unknown and unintended consequences, and there is a reasonable chance our constitutionally-based democratic republic might not survive the ordeal, at least not in the form most of us would expect it to. It will also require a committment for completion that will be very difficult to achieve and, probably, impossible to maintain.

    #4 won’t work because read the quote at the top of this comment.

    #5 might work but will require extensive and concentrated supervision – think “Panmunjom in perpetuity” – and will be continually subject to the conditions stipulated in the quote at the top of this comment (Adolf Hitler was entirely content with Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, Belgium and France being independent countries right up until he wasn’t; the same could be said regarding Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Idaho, Oklahoma, et al as viewed from the U.S. Capitol rotunda or the Oval Office).

    Nothing the established and organized Left has ever attempted on this planet has ever worked without the application of brute force and economic manipulation as coercion, and even then it has failed within the approximate life span of one human generation, frequently in a fairly small fraction of that period. Nothing they have stated they want to do now (Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, et al) will not be subject to the same limitations and failure modes.

    I suspect, initially, a combination of #2 and #5 will be attempted but at some point the choice will be #3 because read the quote at the top of this comment. When that will occur, the degree to which it is conducted, and which party initiates the conflict I cannot predict.

  6. We are already at war. The Democrats besieged Fort Ballot Box for a month, and set it on fire last week. We haven’t heard from our loyal soldiers taken prisoner, and believe that many of them were summarily executed.

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