Cinderella story

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I’ve deleted this meme. It was overstating things more than what I think is acceptable.

Yes, it is an acknowledged fact that Kamala Harris was dating Willy Brown in 1994 and 1995 and that he gave her political appointments at or about that time. This probably should have been investigated as nepotism.

But the meme strongly implies her selection as a U.S. V.P. candidate was because of her sleeping with “powerfully connected men”. This is a big stretch with the currently available evidence. Where there relationships with other men which also contributed to her success? I’ve not heard of any. And I’m nearly certain there have been a lot of people looking for that sort of dirt and would have reported it if they had found it.

Certainly the case can be made that her appointments 25 years put her on a path to her current position. But the path is far too long to reasonably say the Willy Brown relationship was a dominate factor in her successful traversal of that path.


5 thoughts on “Cinderella story

  1. I am not convinced she will be playing second fiddle for long. Once Biden is sworn in, Cinderella will be working to get him out of the way…

    • That is how Communist revolutions work. We are entering the final phase of the takeover: What Mao called the “crisis phase.” Once the last phase begins, totalitarian elites let loose their inclination to brutally eliminate their perceived enemies and things happen very quickly. The entire country will collapse in a matter of weeks.

      Violence is considered a means to achieving the goal of centralized power. There is not even a pretense of due process or respect for free speech at this point, because the revolutionaries perceive themselves to have so much power as to be unstoppable. Yes, there are pretexts given for eliminating perceived enemies, excuses that have the perpetrators projecting their own intentions upon their victims, but the accusations are merely for show to give the public a plausible fig leaf for ignoring what is happening right in front of them.

      • I think it’s less “so much power as to be unstoppable” and more “this is as close as were are going to get via plausibly lawful means and we now have to make a try for it”.

  2. I didn’t see Cinderella. But something tells me it didn’t involve Willie Brown getting BJ’s? With Disney these day’s, who knows? That said. Biden’s new nickname should be, Rubber Stamp Joe. Failure to live up to that will probably bring Joe H’s comment upon him. “We don’t know. He said he was going for a walk in Ft. Marcy park alone!”
    And per Divemedic. Spot on. I expect things to get real bad as lawsuits drag on. After which it will get worse. No matter who wins.

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