Quote of the day—Maj Toure @MAJTOURE

Currently, major cities in America are being destroyed by brain dead, low level ZOMBIES.

They think slow, move fast and there’s currently no cure that I’m aware of.

Covid was the spark, extremism is the disease, destruction is its outcome.

We are IN #TheWalkingDead.

Tweeted on August 30, 2020
[I’m a little perplexed by this. His assessment of the infection appears to be acceptably accurate. But Kyle Rittenhouse demonstrated the effectiveness of the traditional cure just the other night.—Joe]


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    • Hydra-like replacability has yet to be demonstrated. If the arrest-records that frequently span multiple riots in multiple cities in widely dispersed stated for nearly every one of these identified and/or bagged zombies (beta v 0.8) is an indicator of how they inflate their apparent numbers, their real number are fairly low. Once culling the herd starts in earnest it should not take long to reduce it.

      • I think it would be a mistake to underestimate them or their support at this juncture.

      • Yes. I’ve seen a number of news stories about arrested Antifa rioters who had previously been caught-and-released in other BLM riots, not just in the same cities, but across the state and in other states. The “Riot Kitchen” guys arrested in Kenosha were from Seattle, for example. It’s definitely organized, and some of their people regularly cross state lines. When the local police in big cities arrest them, however, the local (often Soros-backed) DA turns them loose with “no complaint” filed so they can continue their mayhem.

        • Hence the pants-crapping hysteria that erupted when OSP was deputized by the feds. Fed charges aren’t QUITE as likely to be dumped by some Soros-bought DA.

      • Certainly seems to be. I’ve read that known agents provocateurs for BLM and Antifa were spotted staying in the same swanky Washington DC hotels as visiting dignitaries for the recent Republican events in the city. So impoverished college students are travelling across the country for this kind of activity? The fed DOJ is now starting to (or at least now admitting to) investigate funding sources for BLM and Antifa – and Ted Cruz is sponsoring legislation to accelerate that effort.

        With some planning and proper intelligence, the dozen or so instigators for this violence could take a free helicopter ride within a couple of weeks.

    • True, but in general those small minorities started by disarming their victims first. Lenin and Stalin made their intent quite explicit at the time, for example.

  1. I allowed myself to be mislead by the media in the early days of this, but having studied the issue for a while, I agree that the numbers of these people are quite small. They can do significant damage to small sections of some downtown areas with the help of outside instigators, but today they would not be able to do a wide spread uprising. If there were to be real enforcement by the DA’s and/or if they met real resistance from the police, National Guard or average citizens, they would fold quickly.

  2. I’ve been pondering creative ways for the average citizen to play a role in resisting this violence. I have a couple of thoughts – but don’t want to post them on a public forum due to opsec. They are devious.

  3. There are some common and deeply rooted errors in the quote, which need addressing;
    Currently, major cities in America are being destroyed by brain dead, low level ZOMBIES.

    For the most part you could drive through any one of these “destroyed” cities and fail to notice the “destruction”. You’d have to know where to look. Let’s keep our heads on straight, people. “Destruction” is what happened to Dresden and Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in WW II.

    They think slow, move fast and there’s currently no cure that I’m aware of.

    He’s talking about the drones, but the queens are running the show and he fails to address them.

    Covid was the spark, extremism is the disease, destruction is its outcome.

    It’s fascinating how close we can come to the truth and fail to see it. Alternatively speaking; it’s fascinating how much truth the powers-that-should-not-be can include in a statement which functions as a lie, even a Trojan Horse “computer virus” in our brains.

    In this case the soldier inside the Trojan Horse is that old buzzword, “extremism”. In the Dark Ages, Rome stood for “tradition” and her “ecclesiastical power” and authority, while the Protestants, who merely wanted to keep the message of the Bible, were the extremists. The heretics. For that they were hunted down and killed by the millions. Thus, indeed, Rome saw “extremism” as the disease, and destruction at the hands of Rome was the outcome.

    The Dark Ages serve as the type, and we are coming into the era of the antitype. Destruction will come, at the hands of Rome and against the “extremists”, and those “extremists” are us!

    The principalities and powers want to “bring the world together”. We “extremists”, we “fundamentalists” and “separatists” will be seen as the barrier to safety, peace, prosperity, “Unity”, “Tradition”, even puppies, walks on the beach, and basically everything that is good and holy. I point out, using Toure’s quote, how we will have played a role in all of this, by adopting the usage of the language of the enemy.

    We are IN #TheWalkingDead.

    OK, sort of, yes;

    His assessment of the infection appears to be acceptably accurate. But Kyle Rittenhouse demonstrated the effectiveness of the traditional cure just the other night.—Joe

    You could swat a thousand of their drones, but until their controllers, the prince of the world and his whore-queen, are exposed, this war will continue on a thousand simultaneous fronts under a thousand pretenses. So far from what I’m seeing we’re nowhere near the point of exposing the primaries, choosing instead to focus on the enemy’s dialectics, have our offspring educated by the enemy while analyzing the world through the enemy’s filters using the enemy’s paradigms. In this condition, even the very best war efforts we could imagine, executed with fervor and great skill by millions of intelligent followers, would only serve the enemy’s purposes.

    The enemy’s system and infrastructure survives off of our productive efforts, and we look up to it with reverence and snap our heels in salute, seeking our salvation from the enemy, from the enemy, and so then; who are the zombies? So far, this is a war between zombie factions. Who “wins” and who “loses” when it’s zombie verses zombie? The zombies or the zombies?

    And so the challenge becomes this: Who among us zombies will be willing to lay aside his pride and self-worth and admit that he too is a zombie in this world of warring factions of zombies? Who will admit that one side being wrong does not mean that its presumptive opposition (the “other side”) is right, that his rightness, such as it is, cannot in any way be defined or determined by someone else’s wrongness?

    Do we examine in detail the wrongness of others so that we might revel in the satisfaction of believing we’re not so bad by comparison? And does that in turn give us license to become so much like the evil we study that an outside observer would scarcely notice any difference?

    By what standards then do we judge ourselves? If we say that we’re being defined and motivated by our adherence to fundamental principals, then surely we are “extremist fundamentalists”, for any reluctance to compromise our principles can be defined as “extremist”.

    If we are fundamentalists, then what, exactly, are our fundamentals and where do they come from? And if our fundamentals are so important as to define our very purpose in life, then why are we wasting so much time talking about how bad the enemy is when we should be upholding our fundamentals as the solution we believe them to be? And if we’re not fundamentalists, then how are we any better than our presumed enemies whom we accuse of being ungrounded and unprincipled?

    How can a zombie be a zombie, how can one be controlled by evil forces, if he is not first uprooted and removed from the fundamental principles of liberty (or “the perfect law of liberty” as Jesus Christ refers to God’s law)?

    But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed. James 1:25 (KJV)

    So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty. James 2:12. (KJV)

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