Quote of the day—White House spokeswoman

The President is highlighting questions that need answers such as who may be funding travel and lodging for organized rioters. For example, violent rioters in Kenosha who were arrested hailed from 44 different cities. An investigation is underway to determine who is funding these organized riots happening across the country.

White House spokeswoman
September 1, 2020
Groups Behind Riots Being Investigated by Department of Justice: Top Official
[It’s a start. Let’s see if they follow through.—Joe]


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  1. If I had to bet, they already know. They also know the major players at every level. But they cannot move until there is enough awareness and anger and disgust with the situation and the Dem leaders in the hard-left cities and the media by the public to support the massive numbers of arrests needed to solve the problem, and not just get twisted by the media and censoring by big tech.

    • It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they knew already. But the point of a DOJ investigation is to bring federal criminal charges against the perpetrators that will produce a conviction. That’s what needs to be done, preferably before mid-October.

      • Sorry, we crossed the long-standing “black-out rule” today. The DOJ has had to not un-seal indictments within 60 days of an election.
        You think the Maoist media is hostile now. Watch what happens if Trump starts arresting people. That would be giving them the ammo to start CW2.

        • AG Barr is already on record saying that indictments will happen when they are ready, not delayed by arbitrary deadlines — not unless they are directly connected to political stuff.
          That was in response to questions about the Durham investigation. Presumably the same applies here, unless they find out that Harris or Cuomo are the paymasters.

          • That’s what Barr said. We’ll see. And everything is political to the Maoist. Their already calling Trump a dictator. And I have to say. They been screwing around with this for 4 years now, what’s the big hurry? It will just make us look like a worse banana republic than we do now. Like I said, we’ll see.

  2. The US has done drone strikes on highly-placed foreign terrorists before. Perhaps it’s time for Soros to be persuaded that it’s unhealthy to meddle in the US?

    • Soros is old, and has already given 90% of his money to a foundation to continue his evil work after he dies. He still needs to be summarily tried and hanged for his many, many crimes, though.

  3. Right; as if we didn’t know. So the challenge in all of this is; how do Republicans make it look like they’re serious, like they care, and like they’re not total idiots which we should abandon, how do they can make it look like they sort of prefer the founding principles of liberty, and accomplish all of that for generations on end, without actually undermining the Romish, anti-liberty revolution?

    That answer to that question is easy; you’ve been seeing the strategies and tactics played out all your life: Give a rousing speech, wave a few flags, stage some fighter jet flyovers, sing the anthem, but don’t ever actually do anything to stop the Marxists and their agitator mobs, their Jesuit infiltrators and welfare plantations, or to stop the public funding and promotion of the academic malfeasance. Claim that your “hands are tied” by the other party whenever your base gets angry over your ineffectiveness. Lather, rinse, repeat. If you find yourself on the spot because the voters handed you both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse all at once, get someone to switch parties and throw one of the houses. There’s always a Republican that will throw the game. It’s a requirement. Eventually we forget what America supposedly stood for, if anything, as we focus on the game of party verses party and on the crisis of the day.

    To corral the minds of the public, there has to be a convincing thesis and an equally convincing antithesis, an evil party and a stupid party in this case: the former (Democrats) to push the anti-American revolution, and the latter (Republicans) to pretend to oppose that agenda, to act as the champion of liberty without seriously threatening the revolution. It’s a tall order, but as we can see they’ve been executing it effectively.

    There canNOT be two evil parties because the liberty-minded public would have no place in which to vainly invest their hopes, and there canNOT be a good, smart party to counter the evil party because that would stop this global, Marxist/ecumenical revolution in its tracks.

    Whatever it takes; preserve the revolution! That’s the order of the day, every day. And by the way; the political powers we face are precisely represented in the form of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as interpreted by Daniel. It’s the fractured remnants of Rome at the base, upholding the philosophies and doctrines of Greece, upholding the precepts and dictates of Medo-Persia, all in turn upholding the golden head of Babylon at the top. It’s also the conglomerate beast in Revelation, having all the same constituent parts.

    • Very good, Lyle! God knows how to make good fighters.
      Free-for-all is our destiny. And hold what you got is going to be your life from November on! Enjoy!

    • Hmm… I tend to agree. I do hope that there will be indictments, but I have doubts and in any case, I’m not sure it matters at this point.

  4. Looks like one arrest attempt went about how some might hope it would.
    https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1301724215553323009 (being updated as more comes to light)
    Caution – following link is NY Times article, with the normal slant: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/03/us/michael-reinoehl-arrest-portland-shooting.html

    Also, looks like Feds can now go after rioters who hurt country sheriffs and deputies in OR. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1301282609717063680

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