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You heard me. No apologies. The same reason you don’t need a lion to protect your home, is why you don’t need a rifle that shoots at 3X the speed of sound and splits concrete like ice. It’s an unreasonable risk.

Nate McMurray @Nate_McMurray
Tweeted on June 24, 2019
[McMurray is not some random troll bot. He is running for U.S. Congress.

It looks to me like he is confessing to the violation of 18 USC 241 and is trying for 18 USC 242 as well.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Nate McMurray @Nate_McMurray

  1. All righty then…

    You’re not removing, abridging or otherwise violating my rights.

    No apologies.

    So, when you’re shoved up against the wall or have the hood snugged up on your head, remember your words, intent and actions.

    Words do have meaning.

    Jeff B.

  2. I don’t need a lion to protect my home. I have guns for that.

    It’s interesting though, that he mentions velocity, because he certainly can’t talk about kinetic energy and still make the AR-15 seem scary. Maybe the leftist agitators are starting to learn about guns.

    For those of you who may not understand calibers and cartridges; the most common cartridge for the AR, the 5.56mm NATO, or 223 Remington, is a measly little thing which is considered under-powered for hunting deer. It’s approximately half as powerful as your great grand daddy’s 30-06.

    So the leftist agitators have a problem here. They have to make everything seem as terrifying as possible, of course, so they can offer themselves as our saviors (if only we’d give them total power). To attain total power of course they need a disarmed population to rule. To disarm the population of course they need to find the most popular guns and make them seem as scary as possible, BUT…oops! It turns out that the AR-15, which is extremely popular, isn’t very powerful, doesn’t have a very long effective range, or any of that. All it really has going for it is the fact that the cartridges it fires are very small and light, and the AR design is modular, so it’s easy to work on. That’s the appeal; you can carry a lot of cartridges and it’s a fun rifle that’s easy to service and easy to handle, because it’s light, BECAUSE it’s not very powerful.

    So, the leftist agitator has a tough job. He has to make the AR seem as terrifying as possible, of course. So what to do? He clearly did a little bit of homework (unusual for a politician, or for a journalist) and found that the teeny little .223″ bullets come out a bit faster (because they’re so light) so he grasped onto that little straw, and went with it. Not a bad effort there, really.

    In a country of relative peace, freedom, comfort and safety, such as ours, it isn’t easy to get up every day and face the task of making people fearful, angry and hateful enough to give up a little more of their freedom and to violate the rights of others. Nate McMurray is apparently quite good at it though, and we should acknowledge and respect him for that.

    • To be entirely fair, and give him the benefit of the doubt, I am going to guess that his intended audience tend not to be very good at math–or abstract thought in general.

      That doesn’t mean that stupid people in large numbers aren’t dangerous, of course.

  3. I can’t afford to feed a lion, my AR is much cheaper and doesn’t poop on the floor.

  4. We all know this is a case of latte muscles Nate.
    Your not going to do anything at all.

  5. So… it’s been a couple of days. I wonder how many he’s collected.

  6. “I’m coming for your AR-15” translates into “Well, um, actually, I’m not PERSONALLY going to do anything but hide behind my armed bodyguards and send other people to try to take your AR-15.”

    C’mon, Nate. Lead by example. Please.

  7. Funny how the loudest anti gun pols are also the largest armed government enforcer fans. So, it’s not guns – they looooovvveeee guns, just not in citizens hands. I hear from the pro side how ignorant these leftists are about the constitution, but I think they understand it very well, and are rightly afraid of the response from those who understand the constitution and it’s history might endeavor to commence. These communists think they can avoid consequences of their actions if they can con the country into disarming itself. Like Nancy Reagan said, just say no.

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