Area One USPSA results

I had relatively modest goals for my Area One performance:

  1. Don’t get hurt or hurt anyone.
  2. Don’t get DQ’d.
  3. Don’t finish last.

I met my goals. In Limited I came in 81st out of 118 shooters. If you just look at Limited B class shooters then I came in 32nd out of 38. Or if you just look at Limited Seniors then I came in 9th out of 15. And finally, my favorite view, in Limited, Senior, B class shooters I came in 2nd out of four shooters.

I had a good time at the match. My squad was very pleasant to be with. The last time I went to Area One, over 20 years ago, it was sometimes very uncomfortable. Some shooters were very aggressive in asserting their bullets had touch scoring rings that the R.O. called as out. I didn’t like that atmosphere. These were nice people to be with.

One of the most unusual event I have heard of at a USPSA match is that one guy got DQ’d at the chronograph stage:



I have a lot more to say about the event. But that is going to wait until I have time to edit the video.


2 thoughts on “Area One USPSA results

  1. The shooter took his gun out of the holster and set on the chronograph table without being instructed to by the range officer.

  2. Since I am new to practical shooting disciplines, my own goals are limited to just one…

    “Don’t DQ. Don’t get sent home.”.

    I don’t care where I wind up on the roster as long as I get to put rounds downrange and have fun. But when I grow up I want to be like Joe! Perhaps not with the explosives magazine though. Too much paperwork. Happy to pay to play with them though!

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