Eating their own

It’s long been observed that the political left frequently eats its own when it gets enough power. Just look at what happened in the USSR. Tens of millions murdered by their own government or put in the gulags. Read The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Volume One) for a taste of what went on there. Large numbers of those people believed they were loyal supporters of the communist government.

The problem that once you have purity tests and people to maintain political purity the requirements get more and more strict. Just think of the “micro aggression”, “dog whistle”, and “code word” criteria being enforced in many instances in this country. It becomes a positive feedback loop with escalating standards of purity.

I review this as background for what is happening at Google (via an email from Chet who describes it as “Google’s civil war”):

San Francisco Pride organizers say they won’t ban Google from the annual Pride Parade on Sunday, despite receiving a letter signed by almost 100 Google employees concerned about how their company handles hate speech.

The employees asked for Google to be banned from the pride parade on June 30th. The company came under fire this month for refusing to remove homophobic videos targeting a journalist. Instead, YouTube banned hate speech and demonetized the channel. However, the company still offered a platform for the pundit, Steven Crowder, to direct his viewers to a site to purchase merchandise.

Google management will have some “interesting” choices to make if the DOJ and/or congress tells them they need to cut the crap on attempting to swing elections at the same time 10s of thousands of employees are demanding they adhere to more higher and higher levels of leftist politically purity.


6 thoughts on “Eating their own

  1. My reaction to this is somewhat like the reaction to gang members killing each other: so long as no innocent bystanders are hit, I don’t see any problem.

    • I agree, but they (the SJWs) have gained control of our educational system, politics, and tech. They are intent in on destroying us and everything we stand for.

      Their weapon of choice is banning (exile). They want to take away our ability to communicate along with our livelihoods and let us die broken men. And it is all legal.

        • Education, news, entertainment, science, religion, transportation, aviation, communication, energy, finance, food and medicine, military.

          In short, all of our most significant institutions and industries are essentially owned and controlled by leftists revolutionaries.

          It’s been said for generations, I’ve been saying it here lately, and it can’t be over-stated. This is Babylon. If you understand the image of the statue as interpreted by Daniel, the current remnant of Rome supports and upholds the attitudes and the legal and religious systems of ancient Rome, Greece, Medo-Persia, and at the top of it all, with the golden head, Babylon.

          It is a boastful, proud mindset of absolute authority. It is the mind of the “god-king”. It comes to believe its own lies (for who dares, even now, to fundamentally oppose them?). It will murder at the drop of a hat, and enjoy it, and it is decidedly anti-Judaeo/Christian in every way possible.

      • I’m surprised that the banned, censored and silenced, when they do sue, do not mention any of the First Amendment cases dealing with company towns. Faeces book, Twits and the others seem more like a company town version of a public utility than anything else. And there’s a large body of law waiting for a lawyer to convince one of those politically connected lawyers known as judges that that’s how the law should be applied.

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