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Therein lies the lesson for U.S. policymakers. The consequences of gun control run far deeper than either side of America’s gun debate cares to admit. We all need to learn from Venezuela’s example and shape our public policy accordingly.

Gun control legislation might seem like an easy answer when tragedies force us to passionately look to politicians to do something, but history repeats itself time and time again.

Venezuela’s disarmament reminds us of a key American principle: An armed citizenry is the greatest defense against a tyrannical government.

Cliff Maloney
May 22, 2019
Cliff Maloney: Venezuela is a poster child for gun control gone wrong
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cliff Maloney

  1. “…tragedies force us to passionately look to politicians to do something…”

    Well there’s the whole problem, right there. And no, tragedies don’t. Brainwashing forces us to look to politicians for answers.

    We’ve been trained to look to the predators for solutions to our problems. When the sheep have a problem they pray to the wolves to solve it, even putting up monuments to the wolves. Of course the wolves are very happy with that arrangement. It didn’t come about all at once though; the wolves have been educating the sheep for generations.

    There comes a time when the sheep, no matter how much they look to the wolves for solutions, realize that their problems only get worse. They can clearly see the downward trajectory they’ve been on for generations, but they can’t make the connection to the cause. Ever.

    They never figure it out. The wolves have done too well at educating the sheep, even providing the sheep with their daily news, commentary, entertainment, and lifestyle advice. So the very best the sheep can ever do is vote for some different wolves, and uphold them as their saviors!

    Who, after all, will take care of us, “run our healthcare”, “make the trains run on time”, etc., and generally help solve all our problems, teach us how to raise our children, et al, if not the wolves? And don’t you dare get past that question, for it would make you an “extremist” and an enemy of the sheep!

    Meanwhile, the wolves, who caused all these problems, by training the sheep to always look to wolves to solve their stupid problems, invariably blame the sheep and demand more “tools” and “resources” to deal with the increasing problems. It’s a pretty great gig, because the worse the wolves do, the more powerful and wealthy they get. Every problem they case is due to a lack of funding or a lack of legal “authority”.

    Never must the real solution, the perfect law of liberty, become generally known and understood. That would ruin everything; the sheep would soon realize that they have no use for the wolves whatsoever. Worse yet, the sheep would eventually realize what the wolves have been up to.

  2. “Venezuela’s disarmament reminds us of a key American principle: An armed citizenry is the greatest defense against a tyrannical government.”

    Bug, not feature.

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