Quote of the day—All Angels Are Gay It’s Canon @Jenny_Trout

If you are a MAGA or a 2A enthusiast, I legitimately do not care about your life/well-being or the lives/well-being of your family. I don’t care if you can’t defend yourselves against intruders or whatever. I just don’t care if you live or die.

️‍Good Omens = All Angels Are Gay It’s Canon @Jenny_Trout
Tweeted on April 3, 2018
[This is what they think of you.—Joe]


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  1. Looks like someone has been to their diversity and inclusion training, learning tolerance and empathy. I wonder if they know reasoned discourse, too?

  2. Oh, but they do care. They care very much. They (more specifically, their controllers) very much want you gone and out of the way forever.

    Jenny Trout’s words are the words of every revolution that ever resulted in mass purges. Every such revolution has the brainwashed youth believing that their “new” and “fresh” movement is going to “sweep away” all the “old systems” (and all the older people, which they’ve been trained to associate with them), thus clearing the way for a brave new world. It happens every time, right before the mass murder, looting and mass starvation ensues.

    Same old same old.

    I note that the requisite hatred for Biblical principles, and the hatred leading directly to sexual insults, are also prominently featured. That’s because the pro-coercive revolutionaries have their own, counter religion. It’s a sex-worship, death cult, mimicking some of the ancient religions. There will be no atheists or agnostics allowed in their brave new world, neither.

    All these things go hand-in-hand. All pro-coercives will in some way worship death, and sexual deviancy, and sexual violence of some kind, while attempting to make sexual insults toward their opposition. It’s hypocritical of course, as they want to be seen as pro “gay rights”, etc.., but will call you a “fag” as an insult. Furthermore, that describes some “conservatives” as well.

    That’s the utterly insane house of cards which has us all so intimidated and walking on egg shells, but we won’t wake up to it in time to do anything about it. It will have its day of rage.

    It’s Babylon, by the way: worship the king as a god, sex worship, necromancy, Spiritism, human sacrifice, and death to all who dissent. If you look around you, you’ll see all of these being promoted, even to young children (and they eat it up);
    Similar cultures abound throughout history, and nothing has really changed. It’s just that, this time, it’s global.

  3. Now were getting somewhere! because that’s exactly how I feel about them. Now, just stay in gayville, or wherever you folks like to gather and leave me alone. And that’s the rub. They can’t leave anything alone.
    You just want to live and let live? Not these folks. Like some vegan, can’t help themselves. just got to tell all about it. got to tear you down.
    All angels are gay? Just can’t leave church folks to their delusions. Got to destroy it.
    As an aside, evolution, genes. how does the gay gene procreate? Or are they a genetic anomaly? Kind of like a glitch in the code? just wondering.
    Or are they just a product of sexual imagination?

    • There is a hypothesis that the “gay uncle” will help with raising of their siblings offspring and increase their chances of reproductive success. Hence, if a “gay gene” expresses itself, say, 10% of the time then that could be an advantage to the genetic line.

      There may be explanations other than a “gay gene” as well. An example would be exposure to hormones in the womb due to stress or other environmental factors the mother is exposed to during pregnancy.

      • So, male monkeys that are only attracted to other male monkeys evolved? and procreated?
        I think we will find homosexual behavior is a learned equation. I know we will find few homosexuals to admit that.
        I’m just glad to hear she don’t care.

        • In the Fifties, before the political power of a gay lobbying group became apparent, many gay men said that they became gay after a gay uncle or someone else molested them. Now, that doesn’t account for all instances, but there can be multiple causes in a complex system. Now, of course, the idea that molestation can cause imitative homosexuality is taboo.

          • Fascinating, isn’t it?

            “One of the reasons pedophilia is bad is because the children who are molested come to believe it’s normal, and grow up to do it to other children.”

            “What about little boys molested by men?”


            In a tiny, tiny number of cases–generally we are talking about women who delay childbirth until they are just shy of menopausal, then the embryo is exposed to the mother’s hormonal imbalances in vivo–then, yes, there is empirical proof going back 30+ years that there is a biological mechanism that reliably produces homosexuality in the offspring.

            Otherwise? In 99.9% of instances homosexuality is learned behavior. Those who dispute this are invited to go to Urban Dictionary and ponder all the definitions given for “Jailhouse Gay.”

            Pederasty is how homosexuals reproduce. This is why they fought so hard for so many years for “marriage,” so that they could gain legal standing to adopt little boys and raise them as catamites. “Ten percent is not enough! Recruit, recruit, recruit!” “Eight is too late or they’ll grow up straight!”

        • You misunderstood. The hypothesis is that a recessive gene has evolutionary advantages for the homosexual’s siblings children. i.e if my brother were homosexual he would not have children of his own but my children might be better provided for because of his contributions to their upbringing. Even though I don’t express “the gay” I may pass on that gene to my children.

          Assuming, of course, such a gene does exist.

          And, of course there could be multiple ways to become homosexual. Women, for example, are far more “fluid” in their sexual preference. It’s far from binary for many women. What could explain that?

          • Yes. I’ve heard (audibly) women say that “this particular relationship going bad (for whatever reason) made them think about trying women. I’ve never heard or read of a man with a similar history of bad relationship endings saying he was “going gay.”

        • Try reading “The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon” by Moira Greyland. some first-hand experience, there. Dark reading, but very intense.

      • The gay Uncle HELPS a family? A gay Aunt might, but then women are more likely to be appropriately nurturing of young children than a gay man. Not a popular thing to say nowadays, but that’s the way to bet.

        The Rock Opera, Tommy, “Fiddle About”:

        “I’m your wicked Uncle Ernie
        I’m glad you won’t see or hear me
        As I fiddle about
        Your mother left me here to mind you
        Now I’m doing what I want to
        Fiddling about
        Down with the bedclothes
        Up with your nightshirt!
        Fiddle about!
        You won’t shout as I fiddle about
        Fiddle about!

  4. I wonder if these folks realize what comes next when many realize that part of their not caring if we live or die simply means that because we disagree they want us dead and we do care very much about our own welfare?

    Don’t care all you want. I do care and am willing to act regarding my life and we’ll being along with those of my family and friends.

    Pissants, all…

    Jeff B.

    • When this is their attitude, when it becomes time to fight, we fight like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, or as someone else said, “like the third monkey in line for Noah’s Ark, and brother, it’s starting to rain!”

  5. “I just don’t care if you live or die.”

    I’m willing to bet she would have no problem turning on the showers at Dachau.

    In her mind we’re no different than an insect.

    • “I just don’t care if you live or die.”
      Aw, darlin’ I feel the same way about you.

    • “Jenny Trout” is the name of a character in a SF novel. “Footfall”, I think. (Very good, by the way.)

      • _Fallen Angels_, by Niven, Pournelle and Flynn. Quite a few SF/F writers and fen are Tuckerized.

  6. “All angels are gay?”
    I thought that angels were messengers of God. When they are on a mission, for example, to tell Lot to get out of Dodge and take anyone he cares about with him, or to talk to certain pregnant women, they have lots of stuff to do, and that does not seemingly include having sex with someone. This reminds me of C.S. Lewis’s analogy about whether people had sex in heaven. Likening it to a boy who thinks the most wonderful thing in the world was to eat chocolate, and having no idea about the purpose, motivation and mechanics of sex, asks if adults eat chocolate during sex. Just as adults have more important things to do than eat chocolate during sex, people have more important things to do in heaven than have sex.
    For this woman to decree that angels are gay, because she really has no understanding of Judaism or Christianity reveals her to be a mere antagonist, not a thinker; a mere gadfly.

  7. The hatred and lies of the Left makes it hard for me to care for their welfare.

    If I am in an active shooter situation, it makes me want to ask them about their political inclinations before I extend my protection to them. Nah, unlike them, I do care about human life and would still protect them; even if they do not deserve it.

    That’s the big difference between us.

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