Quote of the day—Craig DeLuz

Eventually, law-abiding people will be forced into making hard choices to escape the oppression, including non-compliance, or leaving and taking their tax dollars and businesses with them. Sadly, the California government really does hate civil rights and its own people.

Craig DeLuz
Firearms Policy Coalition Legislative Advocate and Spokesperson
April 6, 2018
BREAKING: Amendments to Calif. “Ghost Gun” Bill Would Enact “Staggering” New Firearms Parts Regulations
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Craig DeLuz

  1. Considering that for decades, “zip guns” were made by high school dropouts using 2x4s pipe, springs and nails, how soon before Home Depot stores in Cali need to be state licensed firearms dealers. Of course, the street gangs will somehow be able to obtain Glocks.

    • My friends and I sometimes refer to the plumbing section of hardware stores as the NFA Department.

  2. The problem with all these “productive” people leaving Kali is that the majority of them are a HUGE part of the reason Kalifornia is f**ked. They are moving to places like Oregon, Nevada and Colorado and bringing their liberal insanity with them, turning their destinations into miniature versions of the hellhole they left.
    The process is called Kalifornication and it’s a HUGE PROBLEM for formerly free states that are being subverted by the massive influx of brain dead liberals escaping the shithole they willfully created.

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