The crazy years

In one of Heinlein’s books, Methuselah’s Children, he briefly mentioned “the crazy years” (see also here and here for more on the topic) which lead to a breakdown of society. He wrote it in 1958 and was referring to a time of approximately the early 1970s. While the 1960s could be viewed as crazy in a lot of respects they can’t hold a candle to what we are going through now.

Via email from Rolf:


People who believe two contradictory things at the same time have serious mental problems. They are crazy.


3 thoughts on “The crazy years

  1. Those two editorials were written by different people, weren’t they?

  2. by Mitra Jouhari by Lincoln Anthony Blades. Yes, different people, but same publication, so not editorial consistency. One is specifically calling to NOT profile people, the other is specifically calling FOR profiling… but only against white men. by Sara David and Leila Ettachfini by Josiah Hesse
    Different people, same sort of editorial inconsistency. One denouncing generalizations, the other calling for them, but only against white men.

    Sort of the same pattern occurs when the MSM and pop culture generalizes about pedophile priests and condemn the whole Catholic church, while ignoring the pedophile gay men who are not priests and calling any generalizations about them hateful, bigoted, and so-forth. Sauce, goose, gander, all that. Both or neither makes sense, but not only one of them. And to say “well priests are different, because they set themselves up as morally right” is a slander against gays saying they are not moral.

    It’s like the anti-gun people who want to repeal the 2nd Amendment I can at least respect for their intellectual honesty, even if I dislike them and their misguided actions and choices.

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