Quote of the day—Patricia Eddington

Some of these bullets, as you saw, have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat seeking device.

So, you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do you could cook it at the same time.

Patricia Eddington
Assembly Woman D-NY
July 2007
[Via a tweet from Firearms Policy Coalition.

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I can be pretty creative if I try. But even if I was given weeks to try I don’t think I could come up with some of the crazy things the anti-gun people say.

I used to listen to a morning D.J. on the radio which regularly featured stupid stuff that people said and did. It had a soundbite of something like, “Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.”* The things these people come up with illustrate the truth of that statement.

At times it’s mind boggling that our enemies are this stupid and yet after the fifty years I have been aware of the battle they still haven’t been defeated.

But does does explain why they push for “smart guns”? Do they recognize they are too stupid to use them without technological assistance?—Joe]

* Mark Twain said something similar.


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  1. Facts don’t matter if the people to whom they’re speaking don’t know any better.

    • I think it is more fundamental than this. The “facts” they tell are just words they say because they know that in our society people are expected to provide “reasons”. So they give “reasons”. For about half of the population decisions are emotionally based and so whatever “reasons” are supplied, no matter how incoherent and nonsensical, are sufficient to continue believing what they want to believe. They lack the ability and/or processes to distinguish truth from falsity.

      This is sometimes called Peterson Syndrome.

  2. That’s why I spray all of my rounds with Pam cooking spray, no air friction as the bullet travels, and I can shoot faster because the rounds are super slick making my Firearms work more efficiently.
    And it’s known to pretty much everyone that Kevlar is no match for the Pam coating either.


  3. Truth and the Law of Liberty, verses emotion. It’s a simple contest. Emotion will win almost every time.

    Emotion (desire, fear, excitement, hate, lust, et al), fantasy, imagination; aren’t these things promoted above all else in society? Don’t we all fall for it at some point in our lives?

    Don’t knock it– It works. The “stupid” and the emotional can and will bring down the works of all the engineers, all the farmers and all the builders in the world (“no stone will be left upon another”) and they’ll be proud and eager to do it. They’ll almost certainly convert you over to their side in the process, too, and that’s a win win which, they believe, no “truth”*-seeker could ever accomplish. They’ll show YOU who’s “stupid”…

    They’ve already ruled the world for thousands of years.

    *And what is “truth”? You have “your truth” and they have theirs, or so they’ve been led to believe, and one’s beliefs are ones truth, not to be questioned. You cannot deny the “truths” of others just because they don’t conform to your old-fashioned “truth”. And so the response from the Dark Side to your post would be; “Although Eddington may not be, technically speaking, correct by your standards, she does tell a Greater Truth which is vastly more important than technical details concerning the tools of death. For that reason she is a treasure, and you have no right to criticize her. And thank goodness she doesn’t know as much about guns as you!”

    The university leftists could then go on to describe your disrespect for their authority as “Toxic Masculinity” or as an outdated, privileged, paternalist, greedy and violent mindset that simply has to GO!

    There’s no room for you in Rome, Egypt or Babylon unless you bow to that authority. So where does that leave you, Smarty Pants?

    • It leaves me, and 10s of millions of others, with guns, ammo, training, and practice willing and able to say, “These people are stupid, crazy, and/or evil. There will be… NO. MORE. COMPLIANCE.” and back it up.

  4. Reminds me of that bloviating heap of refuse, Ted Kennedy, and how he insisted the .30-30 round could penetrate light armored vehicles, ballistic glass, armored limousines, and 600-lb safes with armor plating.

  5. We’re playing on the same field, but with different rules.

    They take PRIDE in their ignorance of the subject. They don’t consider gun owners as humans, we’re more akin to fantasy orcs or goblins to them, similar to people, but always a threat, always their enemy.

    There was an anti-gun podcast where the host instructed an acquaintance to take her to the range and take her shooting.

    I she described this man as a “friend” but she belittled him the whole time, and really didn’t listen to his instructions. Then at the end she TRIUMPHANTLY exclaimed that she still hated guns.

    Meanwhile we use facts and logic.

    In a vacuum, or political isolation, the first group can be disguised as sane, rational people, but not if our side speaks up.

    I think the results are obvious.

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  7. Now be nice to the lady. She saw some law enforcement documentary starring Sylvester Stallone that demonstrated the bullets that could be set for certain people only and shoot around multiple corners in their pursuit of that person.
    She’s just reporting facts.
    (She should have to sit with the Representative who said that Saipan might capsize if too many people went there).

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