Quote of the day—Jonathan L. Walton

We have to have the courage to call the NRA exactly what it has become—a domestic terrorist organization that places profit above the lives of the American people.

Jonathan L. Walton
October 3, 2017
Prof. Jonathan L. Walton calls NRA a “domestic terrorist organization” in wake of Las Vegas shooting
[Ignoring the gross errors of fact regarding NRA “profit” you should give a little bit of thought to what the official response to terrorist organizations is. That’s all you really need to know about Walton.

Yeah, he wants you in prison or dead. Maybe even both.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jonathan L. Walton

  1. I decided to look up: professor of what? The answer is: Harvard U. “professor of christian morals”. Sounds like another fake reverend in the Sharpton mold.
    Something interesting: recently I saw an article in the WSJ that pointed out that designating some outfit (like “antifa” [sic]) a “domestic terrorist organization” is meaningless, because there is no such term in law.

    • I can assure you he is either not a Christian or not a very good one. I have studied the use of force in the Bible and clearly God wants us to protect the innocent and the weak and the use of righteous force is justified. There is no mandate for pacifism or to surrender to evil.

      He needs to read the accounts of Abraham and Lot, King David, Luke, and many others. Sigh, I am not even a Biblical scholar and this stuff is so evident.

      • His statement is anti-Chhristian.

        There’s been the assertion among the authoritarians for some time now that “Jesus is a socialist”. That’s even a bumper sticker now. I saw one just this Fall, and to add insult to insult it had a hammer and sickle on it even.

        We can refute that lie with any of a number of Jesus’ quotes. The quote that addresses it specifically and directly arose when the disciples were arguing over which disciple was the greater among them. In response to the situation he told them;
        “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and they that exercise authority are called benefactors. Ye shall not be so…”
        and he goes on to talk about service to one’s fellow man, how the least among you shall be the greatest, and how he is one that has come to serve.

        So he’s defining the authoritarian system exactly as we we now can see it and understand it (those who lord over us, in what I call a coercive system or a coercion-based society, expect to be thought of as our benefactors) and he is saying “No!” to it.

  2. I for one, am tired of threats of violance disguised as academic blather.

    • Violence.

      There are those who seek such supposedly lofty positions in presumably credible institutions precisely so as to lend weight to their lies. They have the mistaken belief that the location from which they make their assertions and the title of the person speaking have some mystical power to turn a lie into the truth. They actually believe that it gives them credibility, when in truth they only discredit those institutions which give them title and tolerate their continued presence.

      Harvard and the others have thus become cesspools of fake scholarship masquerading as the real thing.

      Such will be the case any time we ascribe more importance to such trappings as institutions and titles than to the truth itself. We readily fall to believing that the former is the latter, and thus the truth quickly becomes the enemy of the institution.

      I see monkeys storming the temple, the palace or the capitol building, jumping onto the podium, throwing feces and screaming, calling themselves authorities on account of having managed to over-run the palace. They have no concept of true authority, or from where it comes.

      • Actual monkeys are more respectable and fill a place in the planetary ecosystem.

        Blithering liberal arts professors, not so much.

  3. I’ll give Walton this much; from the point of view of the Authoritarian System, he is absolutely correct. We are blasphemes and usurpers.

    There is no room in an authoritarian system for talk of liberty and the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of self, property and liberty. The mere thought of it amounts to blasphemy. They cannot afford to tolerate us.

    We very well SHOULD be “reckoned among the transgressors” (by the authoritarians)(to bring up another Jesus quote) because we simply don’t recognize their kind of authority.

    Our very presence is an affront, an insult and an existential threat like no other. Our presence is THE threat. In that sense then, he is entirely correct and justified in what he is saying. If they are true to their chosen alliance, they should have us arrested and executed, otherwise the “disease” of liberty will spread.

    Their hesitance only begins to reveal a lack of commitment, thus hurting their cause by raising doubts among the uncommitted. If they believe what they’re saying, they must act on it. The Progressive system of waiting for the cultural/psy-ops war to take effect before the next phase can be implemented can only work for so long. Their power over the mind of America is beginning to crack. There is a time for them to “pounce” and it is slipping away from them.

    • Indeed. So he should advertise himself as an authoritarianist (or, equivalently, a marxist), not as a Christian.

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