Erin Palette was mauled by a dog

Erin Palette founded Operation Blazing Sword immediately after the Jihadist shot up the night club in Orlando Florida. Her organization made international news for setting up a network of LGBT friendly firearms instructors. Her parents dog severely tore up her face. She now needs help with medical bills. Donate if you can.

If you donate over $125 Oleg will send you large photo print of your choice from his collection.


8 thoughts on “Erin Palette was mauled by a dog

    • Just for the record? I’d like to thank you, whoever you are, for clearly marking yourself as someone I don’t need to pay any attention to. You go have a -super- day.

      • Sorry you think so.

        You’ve never met me. I’ve met him. I can judge, you can’t.

        Hope we never meet.

        • oh, but I -can- judge you, sweetie. You went and wrote down your opinion where I can see it, and comment on it. You had a perfectly good opportunity to look good, and threw it away for a cheap dig. You couldn’t just leave it alone at ‘Wow, that’s unfortunate’. You just -had- to take the shot “Well, he’s -really- a dude.” Which further begs the question, did you post a comment because you though Erin’s injury was unfortunate, or because it was an opportunity to take a cheap shot at someone you don’t like? I think it was the latter, because if you though Erin’s injury was unfortunate, you would have stopped there.

        • It’s time for everyone to “bite their tongue” and drop the discussion of differences and remember the thing you have in common–it was unfortunate Erin was injured. And furthermore, perhaps, everyone can hope for a complete recovery.

          • Let’s not forget that regardless of the whole ‘him or her’ argument, Erin has been straight up walking the walk as well as talking the talk when it comes to self defense.

            It’s one thing to say ‘Someone should do something’ but how many of us add on ‘And that someone is gonna be ME!’?

    • Someone close to me recently transitioned from male to female so I learned some things along the way.

      Once they start “presenting” as female it is considered proper to refer to them as “her”. This is true even if they have not even started hormone therapy, let alone, sexual reassignment surgery (SRS).

      I realize it doesn’t quite make sense from certain perspectives but from other perspectives it does. It doesn’t matter to me that much but it is important to them so I do my best to abide by their preferences.

      If you think this is difficult, just think about how you handle the case of referring to a time in the past before there was any hint of them being trans. E.g. (made up example), “When Jack (Jackie?) was about 10 years old he (she?) peed on an electric fence. His (her?) penis got such a jolt he (she?) doubled over and peed all over himself (herself?).

  1. Now THAT s what a quality network of friends looks like. $6,967 of a $5,000 goal reached in a day. That’s karma paying you back for good work; keep it up, once you are back on your feet.

    Get better soon, and good luck with the figuring out what set the dog off.

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