The one up-side to a Trump win

I had not thought of this.

I would have thought that they’d have learned from other actors who’d promised to leave us if so-and-so won in previous elections, and then never made good on it. Credibility is apparently not highly regarded among entertainers.

A mass exodus of entertainers would not break my heart. I estimate that the number who actually leave the U.S. and change citizenship over this will be approximately zero, however. Instead of “Let My People Go!” I’m thinking “Leave me alone already. Go, and quit yer damned yappin'”.

To think of the number of hours of my life (to say nothing of the dollars) that have been wasted watching stupid movies, stupid TV, and listening to stupid music…

I wonder if I could find a court somewhere, to take my case of liability for loss-of-productivity against the entertainment industry. Such would be stupid of course, but less so than some of the blather that comes out of the mouths of entertainers.

Trump is certainly no prize, and may turn out to be a disaster. That’ll be hung on our shoulders as American patriots I suppose, though were not the ones who supported the New York Progressive.


5 thoughts on “The one up-side to a Trump win

  1. lyle:

    liked your post. liked the “f/x” post, one of the best i’ve ever read.

    i think trump will do a lot better than expected. a lot. we saw a side of him last night in his acceptance speech the media did not let us see. he was gracious, measured and smart.

    he’ll do better than o.k., i am thinkng.


  2. Amy Schumer can leave for all I care. Make her renounce her citizenship, and never let that skank back in. And send her sorry-assed cousin with her!

  3. Credibility is apparently not highly regarded among entertainers.

    Well, when your entire career is based on “willing suspension of disbelief“, credibility tends to be, shall we say, somewhat lacking.

    As that linked TV Tropes article puts it, another way of putting “suspension of disbelief” is, “You can ask an audience to believe the impossible, but not the improbable.” Is it possible all these celebrities would give up their lavish American lifestyles and move to another country where they’ll have to get a real job? Sure, but is it likely or probable? Nope. Thus, coming from a career entertainer it’s even less believable than if it were impossible. 😉

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